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Patta Chitta Tamil nadu land Records 2024 online status check View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract Official Website at

Patta Chitta

A land recording is highly emphasized in Tamil Nadu state. The government through the national informatics center and the revenue department. Has launched a new land recording system for the state citizens. The portal holds past and current records. Land ownership and activities on each land are registered here.

The Patta Chitta Tamil Nadu online system has 27 districts and working to digitalize the remaining districts soon. E-services come in handy for the revenue department and state citizen. The relief at the land offices, saving time and resources. The website is accessing using login details creating an account for each applicant. Patta Chitta & FMB How to apply online, check Status & Validity available at

நில உரிமை (பட்டா & புலப்படம் / சிட்டா/நகர நில அளவைப் பதிவேடு) விவரங்களை பார்வையிட

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Patta Chitta Status 2024

The online system contains the records Patta Chitta and Adangal extracts. Which have great value to the landowners, buyers, and government.

Patta Chitta

Patta is an official and legalized document in Tamil Nadu state. The land holds a revenue value of specific land. The record is referred to as ROR (Record of Right). A ROR shows ownership of land by the actual titleholder. This document is obtained from the Tahsildar’s offices located in each district. The document contains different information about the land and the owner.

  • District name, Taluk and village.
  • The official Patta number.
  • The full names of the owner.
  • The survey number and subdivisions
  • Whether the land is wetland or dry land.
  • The location of the land and all tax information.
  • The length and full dimensions of the land.

Chitta this a legal and official document from the revenue department for the immobile property. The document is offered by village administration officers (VAO) with the help of the Taluka office. The document also shows ownership of the land. However, it specifies the type of land. Whether a wetland or dry land. It also has several details such as the area of the land, size, name of the owner, etc. The government gives wetland the term Nanjai and dry land Punjabi.

These two documents were separate till 2015 when the Tamil government join the two. The documents are offered as one and still have all the details. Citizens can apply for the document online without visiting the offices. However, to retrieve any document the right details should be entered. This verifies ownership of the land.

How to Apply TN Patta Chitta Online Application Process

Step by step process to apply TN patta chitta online application through tn govt e-services website. The website’s official link is accessible to all citizens for application. It takes a few minutes to apply using the following steps below.

  1. Open the Tamil Nadu official land record website page:
  1. On the homepage click on the “view Patta and FMB/Chitta/TSLR extract”
  1. A new page will open here to select the type of area whether urban/rural and also the district.
  1. Proceed and click the “submit button.
  1. Key in all the details from the district, Taluk, the town and ward. Block, survey number subdivision and the verification value of the land. After all, details are done click the submit button.

Patta Chitta Website Tamilnadu Online 2024

Patta chitta website in tamil
Patta chitta website in English

How to Transfer Patta Chitta Name Transfer Online?

  • Land transfer details are crucial and should be properly documented. Transfer happens during the sale or inheritance period.
  • The applicant goes through the same process of registering Patta land records. Note the application form of the land is done at the Tahsildar offices.
  • The land officers have the right to agree or reject the transfer offer. This according to the documentation made or if the land has disputed.

What Documents Are Required for Transfer in Patta Chitta?

The application form goes along with several documents such as:

  • An original copy of the sale deed and a photocopy for the same.
  • Proof documents such as electric or water bills.
  • An Encumbrance certificate

Patta Chitta Status 2024 Online

Full step by step procedure to check patta chitta application online status 2024. After making transfers or any changes to the documents. The applicant can check the status of the document through the official web page.

  1. Go to the official website page
  1. The homepage will show different choices. Key in the application Id.
  2. Enter the captcha code on the screen.
  3. Click on the “get status” tab.
  4. The system will process the status of the transfer displaying it on the screen

Patta Chitta validity/verify Web Issued Patta / A-Register Extract

The land certificate has to be verified by the land authorities. Titleholders can check Patta Chitta validity/verify Web Issued Patta / A-Register Extract through the website as follows:

  1. Navigate to the official website page
  2. On the menu click on the term “Verify Patta.”
  1. Now enter the reference number and then click on the submit button.

The applicable fee for Patta Chitta

The certificates have a reasonable fee, which is obtained through the site. The applicant needs to pay RS 100 for the Patta certificate.

Importance of Patta Chitta/ Adangal extract

The Patta document is the most important document for land buyers or sellers. The document has different uses besides ownership.

  • The document is used for registration purposes at the sub-registrar’s offices.
  • When applying for a loan.
  • When making transfers to the new owner.
  • Helps in the title verification process.
  • The document comes in handy when solving land disputes.
  • All personal use like leasing land.

TN Patta, Chitta, EC App Download 2024

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