Banglarbhumi 2023 Khatian No, RS LR Plot information, Land Conversion

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West Bengal is the biggest and most populated state in the country. The government if west Bengal with the coordination of the department of land records and surveys made available the online website to know the land registration and land belongings easily through online.

The department of Land Records and Surveys, West Bengal had made an official website to check the RS-LR plot information through online with the name called “Banglarbhumi”.

Banglarbhumi 2023

Anyone of the state can use this opportunity to check their plot information through online without approaching to the registration office.

How to Check Plot Info at Banglarbhumi Online?

In this we provide you the information about how to check banglar bhumi RS-LR plot information through online.

The below is the information to know the banglar bhumi RS-LR plot information through online.

Banglarbhumi RS LR Plot Information 2023

The below are the steps to follow to check Banglar bhumi RS-LR plot information through online.

  1. To search the Banglar bhumi RS-LR Plot information first of all, visit the official website of the banglar bhumi.
  2. By clicking the following link it can redirect you to the official website.
  4. Then the home page of the Land Records and surveys of west Bengal is appeared on the screen.
  5. In that many options are appeared on the screen in that select the citizen service option.
  6. Then the few sub options are appeared in that click on the RS-LR option.
  7. And then you have to enter district name, block name and mouza name.
  8. After entering all the information you have to choose one option from the required two options choose as per your availability.
  9. You can search by RS plot no or LS plot information after entering click on the submit option.
  10. After submitting it will show you the banglar bhumi entire information of your plot.

By this you can get your entire plot information through online.

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  1. jl — 109,,ps– jaynagar,dist– 24 pgs (s), block– nimpith, gram panchayet – bele durganagar,cs records, rs records, lr records, not being up to dated in the govts computers as far as records are concerned with old testimonials which were with land woners and now the basic problems being the site of banglar bhumi is too slow to see to know the present status of cs rs lr , and most interestingly why am i uttering the name of cs am i a fool , people do know what is cs , even i guess govt will tell ar a hv u born on that time that u r talking about cs records but being an an woner i need to see upto dated records as much i am entitled to see records in a process to veryfy either systems got uptodated mns records are in display or no records , respected and dearest administrators of this state dont take my words roughly i speak in this way , thank you.


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