How To Check EPF Balance By Missed Call? (Mobile Number)

Check PF Balance By Missed Call 2023: Give a Missed Call to EPF Toll free Number Check PF Balance Immediately. PF balance online via UAN, SMS, missed call & APP.

PF Balance Check By Missed Call

Indian employees are privilege to have a national saving scheme which goes beyond the normal saving schemes in the country. Public and private workers are eligible to apply for membership and can save for their retirement age. Employee provident fund is social security organize and founded by the Indian government through the Employee provident fund organization. Companies and organization with a good number ranging from 20 members and above can register for the scheme. However, this doesn’t leave out workers who are less in number but gives chance to all Indian workers.

Check pf balance enquiry toll free number miss call

EPF account is granted to employees where 12% of the monthly salary deducted, the amount is further divided to cater for the housing and medical covers for the employee and the immediate family members. The funds are given at the retirement age or at any eligible circumstances. The employer also gives 8% contribution while the employee offers 4% summing up to 12%.

Employees Provident fund (EPF) account is issued to all the members one can trace their funds anytime by just access to the account online through the official website page. In the recent past, the employee was force to abandon the PF account and opening new every time they shift to new jobs. The report shows thousands of the PF accounts are dormant for as the owners have new accounts due to the shifting of employment.

PF Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number Toll Free Number 2023

Thanks to EPFO and the Indian government as they have introduced the UAN number which helps employees unify all the PF accounts. Now employees can get back all the contribution from the old accounts and also change jobs without the fear of losing their savings. The universal account number is unique and can only be issued once in a member’s lifetime. It’s a requirement for all employees for them to access the EPF account. The employee is to request the employer for the UAN number, offer their details and when done he/she will get it from the employer office. However, the number is not ready for use unless it’s activated. One enters the password and username which are to be used in for login.

EPF Balance Check

It’s every employee’s desire to know how much they have raised in the course of employment. Some feel this as a challenge as they have to visit the employer office to claim for a balance check or the PF statement. Nevertheless, EPFO has introduced an EPF online portal where employees need to login their UAN details or use the EPF information and in a few seconds, the balance is display on the screen. One can also use other methods which are convenient with the employee. Below we have different ways to check the EPF balance and taking much focus on the missed call method.

Check EPF Balance By Missed Call

pf balance check without uan number

Multiple Options To Check EPF Uan Balance Enquiry

  • Umang app
  • EPFO portal
  • By sending an SMS
  • Giving a missed call to tollf
  • By using the EPFO app

How to Check EPF Balance Giving Missed Call?

PF balance check number by missed call Number 2023: +91 01122901406

Missed call method is the easiest among all the recognized methods as you have to use the number offered by the EPFO. Before making the call one should have several eligibility criteria and go through a few steps to achieve the best results.


  • Have a registered mobile number
  • An activated UAN number.
  • The UAN number should be linked to the PAN number or the Aadhaar card.

Steps by Step Process Give a Missed Call to Check EPF Balance Immediately

With the correct requirements, the user needs to have a missed call the number. PF balance enquiry toll free number miss call: 011-22901406. The system will send an SMS which shows the following:

  • Provident fund number
  • Name of the employee
  • The actual age and display the balance from the account.

The above process is free and only applies to employees with the UAN numbers, members should have their numbers registered and also make changes in case they want to change their EPF or UAN details. Note employees get only one UAN number which is used for their KYC details. This is pf balance check number by missed call process.

EPF Contact Numbers list (Area Wise)
PF Enquiry toll free number (uan customer care no)011-22901406

How To Check EPF Balance Using Mobile SMS?

SMS method works well for employees who cannot access the internet, they can follow simple steps to get their EPF balance and statement easily. Note the SMS is a reply of the missed call made and will be sent by the AM- EPFOHO. The EPFO ensure all employees are catered for in terms of technology regardless of the position they hold in the organization or company. The official SMS has information on the EPF such as:

  • UAN member ID
  • Nam and date of birth of the employee
  • PF number
  • The EPF balance
  • Give the last contribution made by the employer.

Process to Check PF Balance Sending Mobile SMS

EPF balance check SMS format: EPFOHO UAN ENG. ENG is the first three characters of the preferred language send an SMS to 7738299899.

In most cases, the private sector employees have to depend on the employer to give the PF balance in case it’s through the SMS method.

What is the Reasons for using the Missed call method for EPFO UAN Balance Check?

EPF members come from different walks of life and EPFO has brought up methods fitting each member according to their living standards.

  • Missed call method helps employees who don’t have access to the internet but can use the easier way to get their PF balance.
  • The method doesn’t need a smartphone but any kind of phone can be used.
  • The activity is only done once unless the member wants to clarify about the account but in the real sense the app consumes a lot of data and space being on the phone.
  • The calling method helps employees who don’t know to type and follow steps using the SMS or use of the portal.
  • No payments are done by the applicant.
  • You don’t need to have a lot of details and passwords to get the PF balance through the missed call method.

PF Balance Missed Call Number not working

The PF check PF balance using mobile phone toll free missed call method might not work due to several reasons such as systems being down due to many using the number. However, the employee shouldn’t be discourage as the EPFO has other great ways to solve the EPF issues like use of the EPF portal and the UMANG app which also helps in solving the EPF balance issues. Ensure you have the UAN number before requesting in the EPF portal or app. The UAN has a link to the PF account as it contains all the KYC of the employee. If one needs to make any changes they have to update the UAN and the PF account prior.

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