Bhoomi Online RTC- Karnataka Pahani Land Records 2023

Karnataka Pahani Bhoomi online – Check Bhoomi RTC Karnataka Land Records 2023 (RTC) Pahani online 2020-2021-2022 – 2023 & Revenue Maps at

Bhoomi Online

Karnataka State Bhoomi RTC is an official state website governed by the revenue department of the large Karnataka government. The website was officially established in the year 2000 and serves thousands of the state citizens at ease. The state diversified from the manual land recording to the digitalize online land records. The portal comprises of all records ranging from, records of rights, Tenancy and crops, land mutation.  The services are dispersed to different centers which are referred to as kiosks centers

Bhoomi Online RTC

Bhoomi Online RTC
Bhoomi Online RTC

How To Check Bhoomi RTC Karnataka Land Records Pahani Details Online at

Farmers, land and property owners can trace their land records using the revenue maps from the Bhoomi website portal. The portal is accessible to all interested parties without any limitation; here, we focus on the procedures of achieving the land records from the official website Bhoomi.

Bhoomi Karnataka RTC Land Records 2023 Online at

The word Bhoomi means Land in Karnataka; the website helps in getting all land recording procedure in the state. Giving both the government and state citizen easy time, moreover, the portal assists more citizens at a given time compared to the manual procedure. The revenue authority in Karnataka has digitalize the process, ensuring all maps and land records appear on the website. We have the official records found in the portal as follows:

  • Mutation Extract
  • Mutation status
  • Tippan
  • RTC

Benefits of Bhoomi to farmers

In the actual sense, the Bhoomi website portal comes to serves as a relief to all Karnataka citizens. The government also has its fair share of eased work as they don’t receive complains and congested offices each day. Citizens can log in to the website and get the information as per their request. New landowners and sellers can also check information regarding the land and activities in the portal. Farmers have the full access of the website as they can receive details such as:

  • The farmers can apply for soft loans using their land records; this can be obtained from the Bhoomi web portal without the need to visit the public land offices. Farmers and land sellers also have the privilege of getting the information about the land directly and have the official transaction also done within a short period.
  • Land mutation documents are easily found in the Bhoomi web portal; the document helps in the sale of land or property. All details are giving to help in the right transaction and the right recording of the documents.
  • Checking land status has become cheap as landowners and farmers can check on the mutation status anytime.
  • The farmer has the right and power to pick a new officer from the Taluk if the previous land officer doesn’t follow up on the land mutation process within the given 50 days.
  • Farmers can insure their crops as the information about the RTC is filled online by the revenue department. The procedure helps in getting all crop details and the activities happening in the land.
  • Farmers can use the RTC information to help in claiming their insurance from the insurance companies.
  • The Bhoomi website portal comes in handy for the government and the court as they can get the real information about land ownership. Cases are easily solved as getting the right landowner will be displayed on the portal.

Bhoomi RTC (Records of right) and the Tenancy and Crops

The abbreviation RTC broadly means records of rights the names give information about the land details, which is commonly referred to as Pahani. Here details about all the agricultural land are displayed in the Bhoomi web portal as follows:

  • The type of land in a different district in the state.
  • The landowner information
  • The correct area measures as per the land.
  • The activities are taking place on the land, whether agricultural, economic activities on the land.
  • Tenancy and the crop is grown on the land.
  • Soil type and water rate if any.

The Bhoomi web portal helps in the RTC land title and land documents; farmers get the Pahani land records in terms of hectares or acres. The Pahani have information of the land according to the village where the record is signed by a land officer who is Tahsildar or the deputy Tahsildar.

Bhoomi RTC Karnataka 2023

Karnataka RTC Online Procedure in the Bhoomi Web Portal 2023

The Bhoomi portal is designed to give all land services as per the visitor’s request. The processes follow certain steps which are official and working according to the application. Taking the RTC/Pahani online procedure, one can use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the official Bhoomi website portal
  2. On the homepage, select I-RTC where you will be directed to a new page.
Bhoomi – Karnataka Land Records (RTC) Official Website
  • Now select the guest options on the menu bar then follow the instruction.
  • Key in your name, the registered mobile number, official email address, and the Aadhaar number.
  • Recheck the details and if okay, select the proceed button.
  • A new page will appear here you’re to enter the following details correctly:
  1. District
  2. Taluk
  3. Survey number
  4. Hobil
  5. Village
  6. Surnoc
  7. Hissa number
  8. The validity of the RTC.
  • Again check the details to proceed, the information will be processed.
  • The system will give information about the RTC on clicking the RTC button on the page.
  • To download the RTC, a fee of RS.10 will apply.
  • Click on the declaration checkbox and make the payment; the page will open and direct the user to the SBI online banking page where you are free to pay using the: net banking, credit card or the debit card.
  • Give the system sometime, and within a few seconds, the RTC will be produced in the PDF; download the document for future use.

How to View RTC Bhoomi Online RTC Land Records?

  1. Visit the KAR Bhoomi Online web page
  3. Select the view button of the RTC and MR tab from the Bhoomi site, which will open a new page.
  4. Choose from the option which RTC year as they are given in from the previous year to the current year.
  5. Key in the compulsory details, which are the name, mobile number, email, etc.
  1. After entering the right information, now click on the fetch button.
  2. Information about the RTC and the land data will appear as requested by the user.

Mutation of land and property in Karnataka

The land mutation is the official changing of land and property ownership from one owner to another. The process is regarded as legal and official documentation done at the land Kiosk centers in the state. The officer will issue the acknowledgment number, which can be used in producing the mutation status.

Mutation extraction from the Bhoomi web portal

  • On the official Bhoomi web page”” , select the RTC and MR tab which will redirect you to a new page.
  • Select the mutation option on the new page which will guide you on the options to enter:
  • District
  • Taluk
  • Hobil
  • Village
  • Survey number
  • Click on the proceed button, and the system will automatically fetch for details.

Mutation status in Bhoomi portal

The land mutation details can be found on the same web page using the official website links. Users are to select the RTC/MR tab from the page followed by the official details like name, district, Taluk, etc. the view status tab will show where one can press to get full details about their land mutation status.

Karnataka Revenue Maps Online Land Records 2023

The Bhoomi portal holds lots of information which farmers and all landowners can follow. Revenue maps are also included in the portal.

  1. Go to the Bhoomi RTC web portal 2020 and click on the revenue map from the page.
  2. Key in the compulsory details on the space provided.
  • The system will show the revenue maps according to the villages and districts.
  • Select the PDF tab to get details of the map in question and later download it for future purpose.

Dispute cases in Bhoomi Land Records

The Bhoomi RTC website page has an option for users who need to raise a dispute over certain land. One needs to visit the website and give information about the village and the names of the said land. Click on the dispute cases reports where one will get the full information in a PDF file.

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