MOMA Scholarship 2021 Apply Online, Registration Dates, Renewal

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MOMA Scholarship 2021

Education funds are quite hefty for many students living in minority groups in India. These compel the majority of students to drop out and seek employment for better living—however, the central government, together with state governments. Always have better education plans covering every student no matter the group.  MOMA scholarship program is among the best initiatives introduced by the government for minority communities such as Muslim, Christian, Sikhs, Buddhists,and Jain and Parsi students.They will benefit from the Pre-matric, post-matric and merit-cum grants.   The scheme was launched in 2020 by Ministry of Minority Affairs to cater to education funds for these students. Eligible applicants will benefit from Rs. 20,000 per annum.  The government has planned to provide 5 Lakh grants to post-matric grants and 30lakh to pre-matric grants.

MOMA Scholarship
MOMA Scholarship

Allowances under MOMA scholarship program

Types of MOMA scholarships 2021

The MOMA scholarship has three scholarship attachments under the MOMA (Ministry of Minority Affairs) minority organization.

Pre-matric scholarship

The grants in the sector belong to minority groups for classes 1 to 10. The government will issue Rs—600 per month for the students. However, the annual income for the applicant’s family should be below l lakh per year.

Post-matric scholarship

The scholarship is granted to students applying for a PhD in class 11. The student will receive Rs. 10,000 per year with an active amount of Rs. 1200 per month.

Legitimacy cum/scholarship for the technical course CS and professional

The scholarship is issued to students who wish to take specialized classes.  The government provides RS.20000 per year. However, the annual income shouldn’t exceed 2.5 lakh.

Required documents

  • A photograph of the applicant
  • Income proof document.
  • A self-certified community certificate for candidates who are 18 years and above. 
  • The education proof documents showing 50% of marks from previous final exams.
  • Operational bank details.
  • Aadhaar number.
  • Identity proof documents.

Eligibility criteria for the above scholarships

To receive the grants, the applicant must fulfil the following details.

Pre-matric scholarship

  • The applicant must be in class 1- 10.
  • They must have achieved 50% of marks in the previous final exam.
  •  The applicant’s family income must not exceed 1 lakh.

Post-matric scholarship

  • The applicant should be in the 11th-12th class.
  • The student applying for the grant must be admitted at technical and vocational training courses at NCVT-affiliated ITI/industrial training centres.
  • Their family income should not exceed 2 lakhs yearly.

Merit-cum means scholarship for Technical courses CS and professional

  • Applicants at these level must be admitted at the graduate or postgraduate level. In technical/professional classes.
  •  They must have 50% of marks in the previous final exam.
  • The total annual income shouldn’t exceed 2.5lakh from all earning.

How to Apply for MOMA Scholarship Online.

  1. Visit the MOMA scholarship website page.
  2. On the homepage, select the option “new registration.”
  4. The portal will display instructions and read and understand to continue.
  5. Now tick all the declarations on the page and click continue button.
  6. A new page will appear to select the type of scholarship you need. The portal will show the application form.
  7. Enter all mandatory details and upload the proof documents.
  8. Enter the application fee then click submit button.

How to Renewal MOMA scholarship application form

Student beneficiaries can renewal their applications and continue benefitting from the MOMA scholarship programs.

  1. Go to the MOMA scholarship website page.
  2. On the homepage, select the option new registration.
  4. Follow the instructions on the page then click the tab “apply for renewal.”
  5. Now login using the login details to access the application form.
  6. Next, fill all the details and then click the submit button.

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