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How to apply and start Hero Electric Dealership in India. Hero Electric Dealership Scooty Cost, Profit, contact number – Hero Electric Bike Dealership Cost. Apply for hero electric dealership online.

India is privileged to associate with multiple digital innovations that help serve the numerous population. Most of their tech programs and companies are recognized worldwide as they satisfy local and international markets. India’s electric vehicles are a huge tech advancement that allows citizens to commute to different locations without worrying about fuel.

The country is gradually shifting from fuel-based vehicles to electronic-powered machines. The majority of residents purchase two-wheeler bikes to travel to various places easily. Bikes are easy to handle, affordable, and best for traversing heavy traffic. Vehicle manufacturing companies have proceeded to provide better options by innovating electric vehicles. This will help curb air pollution and reduce hefty prices on fuel. The new electric bikes are cost-effective and produce clean air.

Hero Electric Dealership

The Indian government (central and state governments) have acknowledged the use of e-bikes in the country. This has insight into new demand for the manufacturing and distribution of electric vehicles. Many people are seeking to venture into the business but lack proper guidelines—however, popular Companies such as Hero electric.

Hero Electric is a renowned electric mobility company that produces exclusive two-wheeler bikes. The company allows people from different economic statuses to gain affordable two-wheeler bikes. It has a big market share in the country and provides quality electronic bikes.

There are 700+ dealerships in more than 25 states in India, with the manufacturing plant based in Ludhiana in Punjab State. Thousands of residents use Hero-based vehicles to maneuver in their daily activities. Hero electric industry is open to individuals interested in dealership programs. This helps in expanding the business across the country.


Hero Electric Dealership
Hero Electric Scooter Dealership

Required Documents for Hero Electric Bike Dealership

  • A good CIBIL score
  • GST certificate
  • Business permit/licenses
  • Business registration: sole proprietorship/LLP/PVT limited
  • A trading license
  • Rent agreements and legal land records
  • Shop/establishment registration
  • Business insurance.

Required Business Space And Cost

The Hero Electric Company requires an applicant to have a room spacing of:

  • 1800 to 2200 square feet showroom
  • 2000 square feet workshop.
  • A starting capital of 60 lakh rupees (approximately)


  • Initial capital: 50 to 60 lakhs rupees.
  • Showroom interior: 5 to 6 lakh rupees
  • All machines and equipment: 3 to 4 lakhs rupees
  • Miscellaneous expenses: 2 lakhs rupees.
  • Lease/rent (option based on ownership status).

The amount may vary based on other expenses such as employment, rent, inventory purchase, etc.

Profit Margin

E-bikes dealership profits vary based on market competition, location, and branding. However, entrepreneurs are guaranteed great profits ranging as follows:

  • Hero Electric sales margin: 8% to 12% for Ex-showroom price
  • Insurance commission: 12% to 20% of OD amount
  • Commission loan: 3% to 4%
  • Commission from accessories sales: 15% to 20%
  • Spare part sale commission: 15% to 20%
  • The margin on services such as labor, engine oil, and servicing: is 25% to 30%.

How to Apply for Hero Electric Dealership

To avail the Hero Electric dealership, applicants need to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Hero Electric website portal.
  2. Select the application form for the electronic bike dealership.
  3. Fill required details and attach mandatory documents.
  4. Review the information and submit the application.
  5. Hero Electric executive will contact you after a few days to verify the process.
  6. After authentication, an officer will be sent to view the location and premises.
  7. Once satisfied, the company will approve the request.
  8. You need to pay the required amount and start the business setup process.

Hero Electric Dealership Contact Number

Besides the online application, applicants can also call the toll-free number 1860-2662-2662 or send an email to institutionalsales@heroeco.com. visit official website link https://heroelectric.in/contact-us/

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  1. What amount can I invest in the Hero Electric dealership business?

    New applicants can start with a rough amount of 50 to 60 lakhs rupees.

  2. How far should the next Hero Electric shop be from my location?

    Before setting up an e-bike shop, ensure there is no other Hero Electric shop in the area. The Company allows for a 6-7 Km radius.

  3. Hero Electric Bike Dealership apply online


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