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The Essar Nayara Oil Petrol Bunk Dealership 2023 (Nayara oil Retail franchise). Eligibility Criteria for Nayara Energy Petrol Pump Dealership 2023 at

Nayara Petrol Pump Dealership

India is becoming an economic and business hub; the country is investing in a highly productive business, thus promoting the country’s economic status. Petrol pump business is widely spreading across the country as many entrepreneurs are investing in this lucrative business. Reports are showing better returns from the petrol pump business as it involves a large number of India population.

India contains a bigger percentage of the population who own a vehicle or motorbike. Moreover, the country has taken a great shift from charcoal burning to the use of gas as the source of household energy. Petrol pump business gains profit daily as the least selling pump can sell five lakhs liters of both petrol and diesel on a monthly basis.

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Nayara Oil Petrol Pump Dealership 2023

Nayara Petrol Pump Dealership (Essar)

The essar oil limited is a popular petrol pump business in India recently taking the name NayaraEnergy. The Nayara energy business is the leading and most popular retail business in the country and holds thousands of pf retail entrepreneurship mostly dealing with fuel. Nayara energy has strong networking in India with a great number of 4500, fuel outlets which contain all the oil products like diesel, petrol, and gas. The company gives employment to thousands of India citizens across all the states and improves the country’s economy to a high percentage.

Today we focus on the process of starting an Nayara petrol pump dealership. Essar being a nationwide company it gives chances to business entrepreneurs who are willing to start a petrol pump business. It easy, though it requires commitments and financial investment.

Why choose Essar Petrol Bunk oil (Nayara)?

Essar makes a great number of petrol pump outlets in India, they make the highest number of profit and helps in the country’s economy. The company has a total of 4500 operating pumps and another 2600 outlet which is yet to be completed. All this gives a notion and trust that Essar (Nayara) is a sure deal, and one can invest in a promising and growing company.

Nayara energy is taking the initiative to have it pump distributed in all India states in both rural and urban centers. Investors will have better opportunities as the pumps are located in all highways and busy roads in the country. Starting the essar oil business will never be a lost deal but an assurance of a better future for the entrepreneur.

How Essar locates its retail outlets?

Essar energy (Nayara) locates the petrol pumps in commercial centers, whether in rural or urban centers where they can reach a great number of clients. The company has an intelligent professional who locate and study areas of potential. Though facing completion from other petrol pump business dealers, essar oil still holds top position in petroleum products. All the outlets are easily accessible and offer the best services from Essar employees.

What is the eligibility criteria for Essar Petrol Bunk?

Nayara energy offers simple and flexible deals to the Indian citizens who want to join the Essar business family. Opening an Essar petrol pump is easy as following the rules and list below:

  • Citizens who have landed in the potential areas are eligible to lease the land to the Nayara energy. Land leasing helps the landowner partner with the company in the petroleum business.
  • One can also qualify to be in the petrol dealership by leasing land from the landowners and lease it again to the Essar energy group.

Qualification for land (Petrol Bunk)

Land to be leased should have the right measurements to qualify to be part of the Nayara energy. Landowners need to have land which has the following details:

  • The size of the land is the key essences as it should be 800 square meters in the home town or 1200 square meters on the highway for the company to lease and build the petrol pump.
  • The potential land should be well-leveled to build the pump and also have some developments or be at a commercial area, therefore accessible for vehicles.
  • Landowners should committee the land to the Essar company for 29 years, and 11 months the doesn’t apply in all states. In The Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, the land can only be leased for 29 years and 19 years 11 months in Rajasthan.

Landowners should check on the land size need according to the state and the land location, Essar considers land location according to the potentiality and leveling.

Nayara Petrol Pump Dealer commission? (What are the Returns)

The Nayara energy business promises fine and better returns to the partners; the company is widely spread, thus making bigger profits monthly, which is equally divided into the dealers.

  • The company pays the agreed amount for the said years in full, and a written agreement is issued for both parties.
  • The company will produce a performance-based profit which will be given in a percentage of 5% yearly on the development and infrastructure used. The cost of in
  • vestment is calculated on the normative cost and also considered on the standard of the site.

The company pays the amount once per quarter for both the rental and return; however, for the commission, the Essar energy makes an invoice for the products on the retail outlets.

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Other investment details one should know

Qualified investors need to dig deep to benefit from the petrol business; they have to invest in the construction of a modern petrol pump which goes to the standards of the country. A rough estimation of RS 50 – 75 lakhs which depends on the size and location of the pump. The process also requires one to pay an application fee, which is non-refundable to all applicants. RS 3 lakhs is paid to the Essar petrol pump dealer; the company offers a letter of appointment to the investors. However, in some crucial cases which can only be defined by statutory approval, the application fee is refundable.

Documents Required for Essar Petrol Bunk

Investors need to produce several documents for a legal agreement which also helps in future in case matters regarding the land arises.

  •  The investor should have the application form-expression of interest (EOI)
  • all the legal land documents, including the 7/12 extract.
  • The circle rate circular.
  • Site plan.
  • Clear and recent photographs of the site.
  • Documents were stating financial and business capabilities.
  • DD of the official application fee.

Legal License and Permission Documents

The investors have to produce documents/ license from the statutory bodies in the state and the country in order to build the Essar petrol pump. The Nayara energy group helps in the production of documents from the government offices. Licenses are offered according to the state one hail from.

  •  A non-agricultural conversion
  • Have the CCOE which is explosives department approval document.
  • A district collector NOC and police commissioner NOC.
  • PWD approval, electricity board, Gram panchayath.
  • The final CCOE license
  • National highway access road approval
  • Forest NOC this applies if of forest land.
  • A retail license which is optional
  • Weights and measuring stamping.

Nayara Petrol Pump Dealership Online Application Process 2023

Using the official Nayara energy online website applicants can follow the below procedure:

  1. Navigate to the official Nayara energy website page
  2. On the homepage, select the Franchisee tab whereby the link will direct you to a new page.
  3. On the new page, proceed to select the “Apply online” tab, the essar oil retail outlet Franchise form will appear here.
  4. Fill in the spaces with the correct information such as
  5. Name
  6. Registered mobile number
  7. Email address
  8. State and the district
  9. Recheck the details entered then press the submit button; the form will be directed to the divisional offices.

Get Nayara (Essar) Oil Petrol Pump Dealership Application at Divisional Office

Investors can also submit the application letter in paper form as it’s displayed in the Nayara energy official website. The applicants are advised to pick forms from the divisional offices in their given states. The business can be done in a joint partnership. However, the application forms are separate and require a separate application fee. The legal documents and licenses are to be submitted to the divisional offices.

Verification Process for Essar petrol Bunk Dealership

The essar oil company will then check on the application and make their final decision. The Essar territory sale manager, together with the divisional manager, will get in touch with the applicant in order to proceed with the investment deal as follows:

  • Site visiting

A Nayara officer will visit the site within four working days where they will see and survey the land; after that, an agreement on the leasing will commence.

  • Mutual agreement.

The applicant will receive a letter stating their interest in becoming a Nayara energy dealer. They will also provide a letter of agreement on rental and volume targets.

  • Application fee payment

The applicant will now pay the non-refundable application fee, which is done through the demand draft.

  • Receive a letter of appointment

The company will offer a letter of appointment after they are satisfied with applicants details and potentiality of the land.

  • Get NOC

This an official letter from the district magistrate offices which show clearance from all the authorized departments. The NOC is a compulsory document for the applicant in order for the construction to take place. Petrol pumps near the highway have to produce the NHAI document for the project to take off. Esar oil can be built within three months thereafter the petrol business will commence for the given period of time.

Essar Oil Support to the Investor

After giving the right documentation and the construction is done, essar oil will give full support to the new investor as they will offer the following:

  • Technical and engineering support as per the petroleum industry requirements.
  • The company helps in the designing and branding of the retail outlet.
  • Involve the technology part where they introduce mobile apps to help reach many clients.
  • Train the staff on how to handle the clients and the pump.
  • Promote the outlet using periodic promotion deals which help the outlet get more customers, therefore, growing the business in a short time and making good returns

Nayara Petrol Bunk Customer Care Number 2023

  • Phone: 1800 1200 330 (or) +91 (22) 2495 0606 / 6660 1100
  • Missed Call: 09575795330

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