H1B VISA STATUS 2020-2021 Track H1B Visa Application/ Petition Status

H1B Visa Status Online Tracking H1B Visa Application Status 2020 – 21

H1B VISA Petition Status: H1B is a visa that permits United States employers to employ non-immigrant workers in different areas of specialization for a specific period. This employment-based visa allows foreign nationals to enter, live, and work in the U.S and at the same time offer services in their professional job.

For your to be eligible for an H1B you must have a specialty occupation and at least a Bachelor degree in the field of your profession. These Specialty occupations include fields like engineering, science, and information technology. This Visa is provided for 6 years but can be extended for another three years if the holder is applying for employment-based permanent residence or a green card.

Each year, many people apply for the H1B visa to secure employment in the United States. According to Reuters once again the H1B visas are fully booked. After the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services ran the lottery on April 11 this year, they announced that they had allocated permits to 190,098 immigrants to live and work in the States for the fiscal year 2019-2020 which began on April 2019.

H1B Visa Petition Status 2019 – 2020

On the other hand, the agency further reported that the number of the petition received during 2019-2020 H1B season was lower compared to the previous seasons. 65,000 requests were received under the regular cap and 20,000 for the advanced degrees. The USCIS said that any request submitted between April 2nd and 6th 2018 had an equal opportunity to be selected in the lottery.

If you had sent your petition, you could expect for about 35 to 40 days for you to find out about your result. You find out about your fate via the adjudicating service center where you will receive notices of the receipt.

Another way to discover whether your H1B petition was successful I selected in the lottery, is to check your bank statement. If U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service cash the filing fee, then be sure that you were selected.

It is important to note that, if had you filled your petition before April 2nd, your appeal was rejected. This is because, April 1st was on a Sunday and therefore, the agency had no other day than April 2nd which was on Monday to process the petitions.

In a case you were not selected in the lottery, the filing fee and your petition will be returned to you. If your petition had the wait mark on them, this means that it may be a replacement of a petition that was initially selected, but it was later denied or not eligible.

For the employers who filled multiple or duplicative H-1B petitions, the USCIS will not receive back the filing fee. However, the agency keep on accepting and processing petitions that were filled to extend the duration of time. Those that were supplied to permit change employers for a current H-1B worker and petitions filled to change the terms of employment for an H-1B holder.

During this fiscal year, it is estimated that there were 38% chances for all regular cap. The reason being since there were a total of 170,098 petitions that were filled, 65,000 were selected,  20,000 selected in the Master’s cap and as we all know, 6,800 visas belong to Chile and Singapore immigrants because of the Free Trade Agreement that they made with the United States.

However, there is an added advantage to the advanced degree petitioners as they have a higher chance to be selected to the lottery.

As updated earlier this year, there are significant changes concerning the H-1B fees for the fiscal year 2019-2020 and these changes in the fees will be subjected even to the other coming years.

How to Track H1B Visa Application Status Online?

  • First visit this URL http://www.h1base.com
  • Then Select this option ‘H1B visa for Professionals & Graduates’ in web page
Track H1B Visa Application Status Online
  • After that Choose “H1B VISA STATUS” – How to Check (or) Track Status of H1B Visa Application
  • Then Click on ’H1B VISA STATUS TRACKING” option
  • H1base web page will display and redirect it to “https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/”
  • Please enter you 13 Digits Alphanumeric Number
  • After Filling all field given in the form press on “Check Status” Button
  • With in 30 seconds h1base website will display an up-to-date applicant application status

USCIS Service Centers Telephone Numbers

Service Center NameTelephone Numbers
SRC Texas Service Center214-381-1423
WAC California Service Center949-831-8427
LIN Nebraska Service Center402-323-7830
EAC Vermont Service Center802-527-4913

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