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HDFC Credit Card Status

Yes, You can check HDFC bank credit card application status through online website of HDFC BANK “” and offline process. Commonly referred to as the housing development finance corporation (HDFC). This one of the most popular bank in the India state. Hosting millions of customer worldwide. The bank is well established and has gain a lot assets making it the fifth bank in the Indian country.

Historic wise the HDFC bank was formally launch in the year 1994 and has done well to date. The bank has gain the trust of many Indian citizen for the perfect services and quality products offered. HDFC is largest private sector bank but serves national and internationally. They have earned awards making it go to greater height in the country.

They solve all the financial need of the clients and offer advice on how to invest your resources. The bank is good lender to the loyal customer. If one keeps a good record of the saving he/she is eligible to take loans with the HDFC bank.

The bank work with both individuals and the SME groups to help them grow and realize their dreams. They have service in personal banking, wealth management and loan services.

When it comes to credit card the bank offers unique credit card thus suiting each individual. They have different takes and one has the choice of what fits them. In this article will by and see the different cards how you can check the status and more of bank services.

How to Check Status of HDFC Bank credit card

There various ways to check the status as follows:

HDFC Bank credit card status check with reference number

  1. Procedure by Using the application reference number
  2. go to the official website:
  3. On the menu bar go to the credit card tab.
  4. Select track your credit card application status which is on the important links.
  5. Key in your reference number or mobile number.
  6. Fill in all the mandatory documents.

Using your mobile number (Registered with Bank account)

  1. Navigate to the official website:
  2. Key in your mobile number where you will get an OTP.
  3. Key in the OTP then submit.
  4. The status will be displayed on the screen.

Using HDFC Bank Credit Card customer care

  • Using you mobile phone call toll free 24/7 customer number.
  • The number as follows1800 266 4332.
  • You need to have the application number or reference number as you call.

How to Check HDFC Bank Status Offline

  • Visit the bank which is near you.
  • Bring with you the application number or reference number and other documents.
  • The officers at the bank will help you check the status with few seconds.

Types of HDFC Bank Credit Cards

The bank see to it that all clients are catered for they provide the cards according to the categories. The car has great benefits varying from.

  • Traveling
  • Purchasing
  • Dinning

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Regalia credit card

This a high class card which gives more privilege in the elite class. It caters more for people travelling around the world. One can save more with the card as it has benefits attached to it. However the card has a fee of RS2, 500 which seem a bit high but not compared to the benefits and saving that come along with it.

Now what are the features of the Regalia Credit Card?

  • The card has a fee of RS 2,500 and thus gain you 2,500 reward points.
  • The card give a discount of 15% when the holder uses services from partner restaurants and 5-Star hotels.
  • One gains 9 points from the club Vistara on each RS 100 spent. The card give direct entry to this club which offers 5 KG baggage allowance.
  • Amazingly the card helps access more than 850 airport lounges. This courtesy of the priority pass membership.
  • The card holder spends RS150 on the Regalia card he/she earns 4 reward points.
  • You can redeem you point and use them to purchase gift and other reward. 1 reward for RS 0.75.

HDFC Regalia first Credit Card

This the second card after the Regalia credit card, both cards serve the same purpose but with slight change. The card will give the hold good deals in travelling and more on shopping. The card gives one a higher status and one saves a lot using the card. HDFC Bank card has a fee of RS 1000 in order to use it. Features of the card.

  • It give you the privilege to spend at more than 850 airport lounges across the world. This is courtesy of pass memberships.
  • The bank has partnered with some restaurants and with this the card gives 15% discount if you get the services.
  • You can use the card to fuel your car and get discounts.
  • Each RS150 used from the card gives you 4 reward points.
  • You have the choice to redeem your points and purchase either air tickets or go for shopping.
  • The card earns you points on payzapp and 10% discounts.
  • Has a medical cover of RS 10 and accident cover of RS 50 lakh.

HDFC Money back Credit Card

The yearly fee attached to the card is less than the above cards and one pays RS 500 only. If the holder spends RS 50,000 with the year the RS 500 is removed as discount in the next year. This card also attracts benefit and one can get rewards which go for 2 years only. You gain 500 point as welcome gift and 100% points when you spend with card online. If one report the loss of card immediately they gain zero reward liability. You can redeem and purchase goods using the points.

HDFC Freedom Credit Card

The card doesn’t limit your spending and it only attracts a fee of RS 500. You can earn 1 point on each RS 150 spend from the card. The card gives more points when the holder spends on movies, shopping or train tickets plus birthdays. If the holder spends RS 60,000 from the card the RS 500 fee is waived.

Jet Privilege Bank World

This in partnership with the jet airways it meant for travelers and the card has an attached fee of RS 2500. With a lot of benefits like gaining points which can buy other goods or air tickets.

HDFC Bank Diner Club Miles

Attracting a fee of RS1000 and best suits the travelling fellows it has great benefits which one can buy air tickets or just shop. You can get 15% discount at the airport lounges and hotels.

HDFC Bank Diners Club Rewards

The card has similar benefits like the above cards but a fee of RS 1000. Yo earn great points and rewards from the card.

Jet privilege HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card

An invention of the jet airways the holder earns points and get discounts on stuff like hotels and fuel. The card has high annual fee of RS 5000.

How to Apply for HDFC Bank credit card Online @

Before applying for the cards you need the following documents.

  • Address proof: voters Id, electricity bill, passport etc.
  • Identity proof: voters Id, ID card, passport and bank statement.
  • Income proof: bank statement and pay slip.
  • Pan card.
  • Passport photos.

HDFC Bank Credit card Online Apply method Procedure.

  1. Visit the official website page of the HDFC bank
  2. When the page opens fill in your personal details and contact address.
  3. Submit the details and a verification process will take place. You will get help from one bank official.
  4. Provide the KYC details and the income proof documents. This helps determine the type of card you will get.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Apply Offline Method Process

  • Go to the nearest HDFC bank.
  • Carry all the required documents.
  • The officers I charge will help fill in the forms and determine the type of card to offer.

Process for HDFC Bank existing customers.

  1. Go to the official website page:
  2. Login to your net banking with CUSTOMER ID and Password mobile number
  3. The details will be verified and has once ok you can visit the bank or fill in online.
  4. Provide the other documents like income proof.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any mistakes in this content provided above. For more official information please visit HDFC Bank official website Thanks for reading this HDFC Bank Credit Card article

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