Apply Marriage Registration Certificate in AP State Online

How to Apply Marriage Registration Certificate in Andhra Pradesh Online

Marriage Registration Procedure in Andhra Pradesh: Marriage is a bond made between a man and woman throughout their lives to live together. Marriage is a relationship between two people which is made officially according to their own customs and traditions. This occasion joins two people from marriage and that will be everlasting until death. Marriage in India has given a great importance because it is the occasion where two hearts become one to begin a family and give birth to a child, here on wards next generation begins.

How to get your Marriage Certificate or Marriage Registration done:

Marriage is book of love with affection, caring, security, loyalty, confidence, responsibility as pages. According to Hindu Marriage Act,1955 marriage of a man and woman is to be registered in the sub-registrar office. The officials issue a Marriage registration certificate. It is a legal and essential document to prove their married relationship and it is useful at various works.

How to Apply Marriage Registration Certificate in Andhra Pradesh Online

In this article,we are going to know about the process of getting marriage registration certificate, documents required for that and conditions for marriage.

How to get Marriage Registration Certificate?

One must register their marriage according to the terms of Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

  • One can apply in the Sub-registrar office
    where the venue of marriage is located.
  • Or it can be applied in the Sub-Registrar office in whose jurisdiction either the wife or husband’s residing at least for six months.

Procedure to get Marriage Registration Certificate:

If you want to register your marriage officially, you need to fill the “Marriage registration application form”. You can get the application form from municipal corporation department or You can download the application form from the official website

  • To download the form, you need to click on Acts and Rules –> Hindu Marriage –> Forms –>Application form. Or you can easily get the form by searching :Form for marriage registration”.
  • Here it gives you a form, you need to download it and get a hard copy of that form by taking a printout.
  • Later fill all the details of bride and bridegroom.
  • After entering all the details you must attach the documents given below along with the application form.
  • All the documents attached and the details of the bride and bridegroom must be accurate and real.
  • Also Attach photos of bride and bride groom on the top of the application form.
  • After completing the procedure the bride and bridegroom has to sign on the application form in the presence of three witnesses.
  • Finally submit the entire set of documents and form in the Sub-registrar office.

Information required to fill in the form:

In the beginning of the form you need to enter the date of receipt, date of marriage, where the marriage is held ( village, Taluk, Mandal ). And next you must enter the details of the columns given below.

  • Full name the parties (both husband and wife)
  • Religion and caste of the parties (both husband and wife)
  • Age at solemnisation of the marriage ( means age during the marriage) (both husband and wife)
  • Rank of profession (both husband and wife)
  • Permanent place of residence before marriage (both husband and wife)
  • Date of Birth (both husband and wife)
  • Place at which marriage is done with name of taluk and district
  • Date of the marriage
  • Name of Father (both husband and wife)
  • Name of mother (both husband and wife)
  • Names of any three witnesses
  • Addresses of three witnesses

What are the documents to be attached?

  • Application form
  • Wedding Invitation card
  • A photograph of marriage capturing both wife and husband.
  • Residential proof of both husband and wife like Aadhar card, Ration card, PAN card, Telephone bill.
  • SSC certificates of both husband and wife or passport copies or birth certificate ( for confirming date of Birth)
  • Three witnesses to sign in the application form A
  • Three witnesses to sign in the registrar office in register.

Conditions for a marriage:

  • Age of bride must be more than 18 years or just 18 years completed.
  • Age of bridegroom must be more than 21 years or just 21 years completed.
  • The bride or bridegroom should not be married someone else previously.
  • Neither party has a spouse living during the time of marriage.
  • The consent should not be forced to marriage. The consent must be free.
  • The parties should not trouble the relationships like marriage between husband and daughter, brother and sister. If it is a custom, the government permits it. The registration fee is limited. It may be less than 200 rupees. This entire procedure may take time from 6-10 days.

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