Nadakacheri Certificate Residence, Domicile, Caste, Income in Karnataka

The Nadakacheri is a website portal specially launched by Karnataka state government for offering various services to the citizens of Karnataka, India. This Nadakacheri is in PPP mode under the name “Nemmadi project” till 2012. Later due to lack of control over private partners, it was hand overed to the Revenue department.


Nadakacheri means Atalji Janasnehi kendras. This Atalji Janasnehi Project functions through 769 Atalji Janasnehi Kendras. The Nadakacheri portal provides services like getting caste certificates, land documents, income certificate, agricultural documents and others. How to check and download karnataka Caste and Income certificate (Nadakacheri) Status full procedure was given below.

Karnataka Nadakacheri Caste And Income Certificates

This article shows you how to apply for different certificates in Karnataka through online using Nadakacheri website portal.

Nadakacheri Web Portal Services Provided

You can easily apply for different certificates through online by using the Nadakacheri portal. The people of Karnataka state can apply for following certificates and documents by using this portal.

  • Agri Services
  • Caste Certificates
  • Population certificate
  • Income certificates
  • Living certificates
  • Minority certificates
  • HK residence and Eligibility certificate
  • Residence certificates or Domicile certificates
  • OBC certificate
  • No Government Job certificate
  • Social security schemes
  • Unemployment certificate
  • Attestation of Family tree

NadaKacheri : Karantaka Cast Certificate and Citizen Services Portal
Nadakacheri : Karantaka Cast Certificate and Citizen Services Portal Official website

What is the use of Nadakacheri Portal?

Before the online portal, people of Karnataka or any state should go to the concern offices to get any type of certificates. After that they should submit the written application, and all the supporting documents which is a long procedure to get your certificates. It strains you physically to visit offices at many times. This online portal makes the process easy and fast. This article explains you the procedure to apply for caste certificate and income certificate.

ArticleNadakacheri portal 2024
GovernmentGovernment of Karnataka
Name of the projectAtal Janasnehi Kendra project
PurposeProvides online services to apply for different certificates and documents
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Karnataka nadakacheri official website

How to Apply for Caste Certificate using Nadakacheri Portal?

You can apply for caste certificate in the following procedure. The only method to apply for caste certificate is using the official website.

Step by step procedure nadakacheri caste certificate apply online

  1. Open the Nadakacheri official website using the link
  2. You will be logged into the homepage of the official website.
  3. In the home page, select Online application > Apply Online.
  4. Read the instructions given in the page.
  5. Enter your mobile number.
  6. In the top of the page, you will find New Request column.
  7. Again you will get some instructions to apply for caste certificate.

By selecting ration card or aadhar card, Enter your details like ration card or aadhar card, GSC number, district name, taluk, hobli, rural or urban selection, village or town name, subprogram or document or wards, applicant’s name, father or husband name or guardian name, reservation category.

Then you need to upload various documents of yourself for getting caste certificate like aadhar number and other documents mentioned. Select pdf files of those documents and upload them.

(The files you are uploading must be in pdf format only)

Complete the procedure by filling the remaining columns and pay the fee mentioned for caste certificate by using any online payment gateways like credit cards or debit cards.

Application fee : 15/-

As a next step, you should e-sign the application.

(If there is any failure in the transaction or in e-sign, you can reload using “Failed transactions” column seen beside the New Request column)

Then you will get an acknowledgement number. Note that number for future reference.

In this process you can easily get your caste certificate which is useful to apply for a job or for joining in a college etc.

Caste Reservation

  • SC or ST Upto 30%
  • BC Upto 3%

Nadakacheri CV

Nadakacheri certificate verification CV Website link:

How to Check Nadakacheri Caste Income Certificate Application Status?

After successful payment, you will get acknowledgement number. Your certificate will be sent to the Revenue department then only. After that, it should be issued by the department. It may be issued with 2 weeks. If you want to know the status of your application, you can follow the procedure given below.

  1. Open the Nadakacheri Portal using the link given
  2. Select Online application > Apply online.
  3. Enter your mobile number and select Submit button.
  4. Choose GET STATUS option in the Nadakacheri portal.
  5. Enter your ACK No (Acknowledgement number) and select Find option.
  6. It shows the status of your application for caste certificate whether it is issued or pending or cancelled.
  7. Thus caste certificate is very useful at many places. So apply earlier to get your caste certificate as soon as possible.

How to Apply for Income Certificate Using Nadakacheri Portal?

Income certificate is a certificate given by Revenue department to record income of a person or a family in an year. This certificate is useful at various places, for eg issuing scholarships, colleges to get free seats etc. In this article you will get the detailed info about how to apply for income certificate by using Nadakacheri portal.

  1. Visit the Nadakacheri Portal official website using the link
  2. Select Online application > Apply online.
  3. Choose NEW REQUEST > Income certificate column in the Nadakacheri portal.
  4. Select any of the option you required Income certificate or Non creamy layer certificate or Income certificate for compassionate appointment.
  5. Enter all the fields like ration card number or aadhar card number, GSC number, Applicant’s name, Father or husband or guardian name, Taluk name, village name, ward etc
  6. Pay the amount mentioned in the column using credit card or debit card.
  7. Submit PDF files of the required documents.
  8. After that sign your application.
  9. It displays your acknowledgement number, note and get a print of your acknowledgement.
  10. By this procedure, you can get your income certificate.

Nadakacheri Income Certificate Status Check Online

  • In the Nadakacheri web portal, Select Online application.
  • In that select, GET STATUS option.
  • Enter your ACK number (Acknowledgement number)
  • Tap Find option or if the number you entered is wrong, select clear option.
  • Then it opens the status of your application number like issued or cancelled or pending etc.,
  • In this procedure, you can easily get your income certificate.
  • Step by step procedure to apply online for residence, living, OBC etc certificate at Nadakacheri portal:
  • In Karnataka state, to get any type of certificates mentioned above you should follow the procedure given below.
  • You should open the official website of Nadakacheri portal by using the link
  • Select Online Application in the home page, Next select Apply online.
  • Enter your Mobile number > Proceed.
  • Next choose NEW REQUEST option in the columns shown.
  • Select required certificate or service like agri services, residence certificate or living certificate or minority certificate etc.,
  • Fill the details of applicant.
  • If there are any certificates requested, upload your certificates in PDF format.
  • Pay the fee mentioned through online payment gateways like online banking or by using any credit or debit card.
  • Next sign your application.
  • It gives you an acknowledgement number, print it or note it for future reference.
  • If there is any additional fees, pay it.
  • This completed our application procedure for any certificate by using Nadakacheri portal.

How to Check Status of Residence, Domicile, Caste, Income certificates at Nadakacheri Portal?

After applying for any certificate or service in online, you also have a facility to check the status of your application in the following procedure.

  1. Open the official website of Nadakacheri.
  2. Select Online application > Apply online.
  3. Choose GET STATUS.
  4. Enter ACK (Acknowledgement) number.
  5. Press FIND option, or if you enter any wrong number you can select CLEAR and then enter the correct number.
  6. Then you will get the status of you application like ISSUED or waiting for any other documents or rejected etc

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