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EPFO Unified Portal Passbook, Status & Account Balance check. EPFO Login Member Portal Login, Registration, Password Reset through https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/

Application of the EPF UAN member passbook

India is made of millions of citizens through living in different states, the country is unified by various schemes which hold the workers together. Social security schemes are meant to help employees in their retirement age and benefit their families in terms of insurance, medical and also in housing. Rarely do you find schemes which offer the three benefits most are concentrated around specific states?

Here we discuss the EPF which generally means employee provident fund. The funds are pooled together under the larger organization EPFO which governs the employee’s needs. The Indian government has initiated a new website page which helps workers receive information about their EPF and how much they have saved. https://www.epfindia.gov.in is the official portal accessible to all employees and employers in the country.

EPFO Unified Member Portal

What is EPF? This an official social security scheme where all employees both in the private and public sector register to benefit in the retirement age. The scheme takes organizations and companies with 20 plus workers though employees below the mark can also apply. The employee’s salary is deducted monthly while the employer adds the amount giving 12% of the salary as part of the savings. The organization comes in handy for the central boards of the trustee which is under the ministry labor and employment. The organization was officially formulated in the year 1952 4 March and located in Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan.


EPFO Unified Member Portal

The EPFO Unified Member Portal for Employees Offers the following services:

  • Pension schemes for the employees
  • Insurance benefits for the registered members.
  • Provident fund
  • The bilateral social security agreements which act as the agent

Employees who need to register for the EPF through the unified portal are to do it online or through the head offices. The National Datac enter is also located at 1st-floor EPFO complex in Dwarka and specifically at plot number 23 sector 23. At the New Delhi 110075, this is the common center’s workers can easily access. However, the EPFO has introduced a toll-free number which is displayed for the employee to contact the help desk. The number is active at the normal working hours 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM. With the recent digital transformation, the EPFO has a Facebook page Ministry of Labor and Employment, Tweeter handle @LabourMinistry.

Vision and Mission of the EPFO

The aim and vision of the EPFO are to be a world-class social security scheme which stands in for the employees providing advanced services. The kind of services which can meet the expectations of all the stakeholders. The vision focus on the following:

  • It aims is to become a compulsory social security scheme which provides pension benefits, insurance and the provident funds to all employees.
  • The EPFO hopes to provide online services through the unified portal catering for all beneficiaries using the process called stat of the Art.
  • Offer the best policy which can be implemented to support the scheme and the benefits of the employees.

EPFO Mission

EPFO hopes and works to reach and educate more workers in the country about the social security scheme where they introduce workers each day. They offer quality services and more benefits which other schemes find difficult to offer. The interest rates are high by the end of each financial year and always remains higher than the rest of the schemes.

The ensure to improve the services by:

  • Consistency
  • Compliance

With the two the EPFO can deliver quality services to the members and gain their full trust by being honest, fair and holding high their integrity. The factors will improve not only the worker’s welfare but India’s economy as a whole.

EPFO Unified Portal Online Services

  • EPFO assures members of quality services thus creating strong bond improving the employee’s trust.
  • Introduction of the online services thus reducing the congestion at the EPFO offices.
  • They offer the best online services which are simplified to suit all categories in the workforce.
  • EPF Unified website portal helps workers learn about their accounts and the saving or the extra benefits they can earn.
  • Regular updates are posted on the website, where the member can change their personal details and also inform the employee about the slight changes.
  • It accessible anytime and has no limitations.
  • The accounts cannot be shared as each employee has their own account and personal login details and shouldn’t be shared.
  • The help desk works with three working days solving most matters.

EPFO Schemes in the Unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in

EPF is the sole body which caters for all workers providing more than one benefit, therefore its embraced by many employees in the country. Under the scheme, three more schemes are generated.

Employee Provident Fund

Founded in the year 1952 to help employees on retirement benefits. The scheme also works for employees who need housing or health insurance, marriages, and other benefits. The vision of the benefits should be achieved by the year 2022.

Pension Scheme

The scheme was formulated in the year 1995, to solely benefit the retired, widow and widowers. The disabled children also benefit from the scheme as long the employee is registered under the scheme.

Insurance scheme

The 1976 scheme which benefits employees only when they die and they had registered for the scheme. The employee’s beneficiary will receive the amount in full amount.

Employees have to create an account to benefit from the services and the scheme. The employers will receive the details where they can be depositing the funds. The account needs a permanent login ID and should be kept as secret. The password is to follow make it simple but strong preventing others from accessing the account. EPFO has made the account easier as workers can reset or receive new passwords by just pressing the forgot password button.

EPFO Unified Member Portal Employee Registration 2023 Process

The application process for the employer registration at the unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in

Employers can also access the EPF portal however, they need to register using the following steps:

  1. Visit the EPFO website portal link “https://unifiedportal-emp.epfindia.gov.in/epfo/”
  2.  On the homepage click on the new employer tab.
  3. Proceed to select the employer sign in which will direct the user to New employer registration OLRE.
  4. Follow the given instructions and then tick to agree with the terms of the EPF website.
  5. Now select the register button then fill the required details as follows:
  6. Employer first middle and last name in that order.
  7. Gender, and the name of the father and the official date of birth.
  8. The PAN number is required to show whether the employer is already registered.
  9. Address and the state or city where the employer lives are a compulsory requirement.
  10. Mobile number, email address which is regularly registered.
  11. Provide a username and password to help in log in to the account.
  12. Choose a hint question to help when getting new login details in case one forgets.
  13. Enter the captcha code on the space provided then key in the pin which will be sent through the mobile number.
  14. Submit all the details after entering the pin provided.

About the Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Protsahan PMRPY

This a scheme which looks into employer matters and helps create employment for thus improving the living standards. The plan in collaboration with the government will contribute 8.3% of the EPS this helping both the employer and employee.

The employer is to increase the employment rate and accommodate more employees in the job sector. This scheme acts as two-way traffic as both employer and employee benefit from the plan. The scheme is available in the unified portal for all to access. We ill update full details about Pradhan mantri rojgar protsahan yojana scheme benefits, eligibility criteria in our next article

Shran Suvidha Account

The account works by submission of the day’s returns, reports, and inspection taking place in each organization. One has to visit the unified portal to register for the account giving the registered details.

Employee Member Passbook

The passbook is accessed by the employee using the UAN number and entering the login details to view your passbook. One can view the passbook online and check the activities happen on your account

Unified Member Account

as the term goes the portal caters for both the employees and employers. It offers all services from balance checking to passbook and many more services. Members should use the login details to open the account.

EPF Balance Check on UMANG Mobile App

In conclusion, the EPFO portal can be accessed through online services, UMANG app and the missed call services where members can call 9718397183 to get help from the support officers. Employees and employers can visit the official website page for further information.

How to Download PF Details via UMANG Mobile App

You can download “UMANG APP” from android play store. Enjoy the EPF mobile app services.

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