Tridom Sarath City Capital Mall, Tridom Balance Check

A simple guide to Tridom: Indoor Theme Park in in AMB Mall Hyderabad. Tridom Sarath City Capital Mall, Tridom Balance Check in mobile app & online at


Unlimited fun at an affordable price, and to top it up, members can use Tridom anywhere with their play membership. The membership counts daily or monthly in all play areas available in Fun City, Fun Ville, Fun works, and all Tridom outlets in UAE. Indian residents can enjoy Tridom’s thrilling entertainment from exclusive facilities applicable to children and adults.

Tridom Foundation

Tridom, a remarkable, fun world, has existed since 1999 and has changed many people’s lives with laughter and fun. It was established by Landmark Group, with the flagship brand being fun city. Tridom is present in different countries, especially the UAE, India, Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, and Oman. Its primary aim is to help children learn through play and unite families and friends. The activities are child-friendly, thus helping in growth and physical and mental motor development.

Tridom India

Tridom is a hub of laughter, joy, and love, bringing family and friends close through fun. There are various rides that offer extreme excitement and experience. The center is open in India at Sarath City Capital Mall Hyderabad. It was introduced by City Max Hotels India as part of Landmark Group on 16th September 2019. The fun center was officially launched by Bollywood Heartrob Disha Patani.

Tridom Sarath City Capital Mall, Tridom Balance Check
Tridom AMB Mall (Sarath City Capital Mall) & Tridom Balance Check

Tridom Hyderabad

The Tridom Center India Activities (few examples)

Families and friends wishing to have ultimate entertainment can get unlimited fun using various facilities in Tridom as follows:

  • Paradrop VR
  • Air Racer
  • Drop & Twist
  • Disk O 16
  • Bumper ring
  • Video games
  • Kids games
  • Play zones
  • Redemption and Novelty
  • Big rides


  • Activity center
  • Bowling alley
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming consoles PC Games (handheld games)
  • Play areas.

Tridom Balance check

Tridom payments are made through powercard; individuals must register to avail unlimited fun. However, one should scan the barcode behind the card to check your card balance. Swipe the card to access the ticket and swipe the balance. The powercard is available through Tridom mobile app.

Available Services on Tridom Mobile APP

  • Balance check
  • Online top-up
  • Purchasing new Powercard
  • Earning and redeeming loyalty points.
  • Help with credit card.

The Tridom app is available on Google Play Store; members can quickly download it to access various Tridom services. This will help reduce long queues and handling cash.

Tridom offers various promotions that help families save money and have lots of fun. Children can also access different toys if they spend a particular amount on rides, games, or play areas. The prices are different based on the country. However, the facilities are unique in all locations making Tridom the best entertainment center.

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