TS Treasury DDO Request (ddoreq) Telangana Employee Salary Bill 2021

How to Prepare Ddoreq Telangana Employee Salary Bill 2021 at TS DDO Request site https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/

TS Treasury

Telangana state Government had announced the TS DDO request website for Telangana state Government Employees salary bills through telangana State Treasury. By this site telangana government employees can prepare their pay bills & salary slips online and submit at TS treasury website.

Telangana state DDO request website is the of online salary pay bill
preparation website of TS treasury. These TS DDO request website for all government offices DDO’s in Telangana state can prepare the employees’ salaries. DDO is the responsible for accessing the TS DDO request homepage.

TS Treasury Employee Salary Pay Slip 2021


In this we provide you the information about how to prepare the DDOreq Telangana state employees salary bill TS DDO request site. The below is the process to prepare the Telangana state Employee salary through TS DDO request official website.

How to Prepare DDOREQ Telangana Employee Salary Bill TS DDO Request site

The below are the steps to follow to prepare the Employee Salary bill through the telangana state DDO request website.

  1. To prepare the salary bills first of all open the official website of the TS DDO request treasury. By clicking the following link which is provided you can access the website directly. https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/
  2. Then the home screen of the DDO request page will be opened. To access the information regarding the DDO information and salary bills payment you have to login into the website using the 11 digit DDO code and password.
  3. After entering the DDO code and password click on the submit option.
  4. Then select the pay bills option on the left side of the page and then select the sub menu called “Pay Bill Preparation”.
  5. Next select the bill id from the drop down menu and give month and year of pay bills you want to claim and press “PROCESS” and then click on the OK pop-up to continue.
  6. Then it displays the eligible employees who will get the monthly increment. Select the check box for increment and then press the “Next” option in the bottom of the page.
  7. Then the page will display the confirmation message for the month and year of your claim you want to submit the bills and after that click on the next option to continue.
  8. After that a screen will be displayed with the list of employees who are eligible to get the increment. Then select the check box you can exclude the employee from monthly salary.
  9. There you can find the option for no. of days you can claim the bills as your wish.
  10. And also you can include (EWF/FLAG fund/IT) manually by clicking on the corresponding employee S.no.
  11. After that the designations of the employees will be displayed according to the cadre strength.
  12. Confirm the employee’s cadre wise and then click on the next button and submit.
  13. Once the pay particulars tally with your manual bill then you can proceed to submit the bills particulars by clicking on “DDO Bills submission” inlet navigation of pay bills module.
  14. And then you have to select the head of the account from the drop down menu. Then the screen displays with the employees list and their earnings, deductions and net amount.
  15. After that click on the submit button. Then you can see the TBR number, and note down that number.
  16. Next you have to link this TBR number to employee’s bank beneficiary account. For that click on “TBR Beneficiary entry 2018” of “Pay bills” module.
  17. And then select the TBR no from the drop down list.
  18. After that a new screen will be display the salaried billed employee’s option with their net salary amount. Then click on the submit button.
  19. If wish to take the beneficiary report you can get it by clicking on “TBR Beneficiary Report” of ‘PAY BILLS” menu and enter your TBR number.
  20. The screen will display the beneficiary details and take the print out.
  21. If you want to take the prints outs of the Bills, Schedules, and form -67  by clicking on the “REPORTS” module which is on the left side of the page.
  22. And then to download the form -47 for salary claims click on the “FORM 47 Generating “module.
  23. With the option called “Bills Schedule” you can get the bills schedules.
  24. To claim the salary bills submit the Form-47, Bill, TBR Beneficiary Report and Bill schedule print outs along with the paper token & 101 forms in the treasury office.

This is the prepare for Telangana Employee Salary bill TS DDO request (ddoreq) site.

By this one can access the information and to prepare the salary bill reports for the Telangana state employees.

  1. DDO request telangana official website


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