BSNL ERP SAP ESS Portal 2024 for Employee HRMS Services

The BSNL ERP SAP ESS portal 2024 HRMS services for employees. BSNL Salary Slip Download 2024 in HRMS login at


BSNL (bharat sanchar nigam limited) is a leading telecom service provider in Indian country. The broadband has millions of users and has gain popularity among the citizens and outside India. The company has employed lakhs of employees throughout India. With a large number of employees, the BSNL needed a way to manage each employee. In terms of salary, services, and complaints.

All this was pooled together thus creating an ERP website portal. The platform is a self-service portal where employees log in to access all the company services. This reduced congestion at the HR offices and also managed all arising problems. The Enterprise resource planning portal’s key aspect is to offer help to BSNL employees. The company gives login detail such as usernames and passwords. Each employee has unique login details. New employees should report to the HR to get full details of the ERP portal.

BSNL ERP SAP ESS Portal login website:

Information such as salary slips, the basic pay details, IDA and loan benefits are some of the detail contained here. Bharat sanchar nigam limited (BSNL) cannot offer payslip to every employee by hand. This will take time and resources to evaluate all the information. The process is eased by the introduction of the website portal. BSNL Employees can check their payment data monthly. Here they can download the pay slip according to the month for personal uses. The basic pay is reflected on the portal and what other benefits the employee gets. The login details shouldn’t be shared to avoid misuse of the website or leakage of information.

BSNL ERP ESS Online Special Features 2024

Once an employee is employed at the company. They receive the login details for their account. Here they can get features such as:

  • Salary slip menu
  • Loan and other benefits
  • Monthly basic salary
  • Help desk/ complaint number.
  • Salary structure if there any increments and deductions.
  • EPF official passbook. The Indian government has ensured all employees in government or private companies registered under the EPF. Provident fund is a retirement benefit for all employees. BSNL employees can check how much goes to the EPF every month.
  • Insurance for employees, there are different insurance such as medical, housing, etc…

BSNL Employees can check all the services from the ERP website without help from HR. This comes in handy employees and a company giving employees security and a sense of belonging.

Uses of the BSNL ERP Online Portal 2024

Employee Search

The search platform helps employees connect with other BSNL employees countrywide. They can have a plan and solve different issues using the portal. Here they have a profile page where they can post all the details they need concerning the BSNL business. Others can contribute to the views and solve issues directly.

Working time and employee shifts.

Here employees can check about their leaves and holidays. All stated leaves such as quota and full leaves. Are indicated here. An employee can check on the date of come back from leave.

BSNL Employees Benefits and Payments

The website has all employee benefits. Salary increment is also indicated here. All deduction should reflect on the portal. An employee can have a verification process. They should offer their government ID proof documents and address details.

The BSNL ERP Online portal is used to claim reimbursements such as travel and food allowances. All loan details are found in this section. An employee can borrow a loan which is payable through salary deduction. All downloads are applicable in the portal such as salary slip and form 16 etc…

BSNL ERP Portal Login

Employees can log in to the official website using the login details provided. Follow the below steps to login:

  1. Visit the official ERP website portal.
  2. On the homepage key in the username and password.
  3. Now select the login tab to sign in to the page.
  4. After accessing the page, you can check any detail about the salary or what other employees have in mind about the BSNL.
  5. You can download any form using the print and download tab.

BSNL ERP Portal Employee Profile Update P1, Careers, and Jobs.

Account creation calls for profile updates. The information on the portal is visible to all other employees. You can also view their profile anytime. The bank section also needs regular updates this is 15 days before salary release.

  1. Navigate to the official BSNL ERP portal link
  2. On the menu go to the tab” change own data”
  3. Enter the required details such as Name, registered email address, extension, etc.
  4. Recheck your details then click on the review button. Click on the review and save button to proceed. There is a previous step button if one misses a step when filling the information
  5. A new page will show click the save button. The page will show your profile as complete.
  6. Note all these details are visible to many employees and should represent who you are in the BSNL company.

How to Change Personal Information on BSNL ERP Portal Online?

The BSNL account is formulated to contain different information. Some of the details require changes while others are permanently entered. Employees should check on the address, mobile, and email address. The bank details should be checked regularly and if any change happens ensure you make the change. This will avoid the mistake in salary and other benefits being sent to the wrong address.

  1. Go to the BSNL ERP website portal
  2. On the homepage go to the “personal information tab”
  3. The site has details that can be changed and have an icon of an edit.
  4. Click on the edit tab to make changes according to your preference.

BSNL ERP Forgot Password Reset and Recovery Process

Password is an essential detail in log in to the website. However, one may forget or need to change to a simpler password.

  1. Open the ERP website portal ”
  2. On the screen check for the “forgot password” option.
  3. There can be an option “reset here” on the page too.
  4. Click on either of the options, a new page will open.
  5. A reset link will be sent to your registered mobile number or email address.
  6. Click on the link to reset the password and then confirm the password.

BSNL employees should use the ERP portal to their maximum. Providing positive value to the company and other employees. Evaluating all issues such as salary, loans, and provident funds. With this, the BSNL will be the best company to work and provide service to the citizens.

Please refer official web homepage of BSNL ERP SAP ESS Portal for Employee Online Services web portal:

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