Apna CSC Online Apply: Digital Seva Center Registration 2020

How To Apply For CSC Digital Seva Center Registration 2020 Online

Digital Seva Registration 2020: The common service center (CSC) is a digital formulation which is a well-organized national online scheme — officially launched by the Indian government, working under the department of electronics and Information Technology (DEITY). The department is also under the ministry of communication and information technology. Digital application for the Apna CSC online 2020. CSC entails a lot as it holds all public and non-governmental services which are provided online and can be easily accessible. Apna CSC goes a long way back in the year 2006 and still functions and provides the necessary utilities for the public though popular Apna CSC is highly regarded for the rural population.

New CSC Digital Seva Registration 2020

Apply for CSC Center Online - Apna CSC Online
Apply for CSC Center Online – Apna CSC Online

The government has ensured the Apna CSC is linked to the PAN where India operates as one digital network. The Apna CSC is covered by the Indian digital program playing a more significant role in the national government.  Indian government holding this as a successful project which caters for the Indian residents and avoiding the delays and other upcoming issues by use of the online and digitalized scheme.  The Apna CSC has been implemented in various district in India as citizen embrace the change and learn fast about the scheme. Citizens can visit the official web portal for all inquiries by following the link www.csc.gov.in 

The schemes hold 255798 active members in all the registered districts. The government ensures citizens get equal services which are beneficial to both the citizens and the government. Below we have the services provided by the Apna CSC scheme plan.

  • Focus in the health sector

The government has various services like the health homes, Telehealth consultations, and other diagnostic services to all the rural residents.

  • Utility payments
  • Education field

The rural student’s benefits from the education provisions as certificate courses and other beneficial higher courses are provided through the digital literacy mission. Al education levels are catered for thus education and improving the living standards of the rural areas.  

  • Agricultural field
  • FMCG products
  • All banking services and the financial sectors in the country
  • Entertainment 
  • B2C and G2C services.

B2C are services which are granted by the private sector to the rural areas by the help of the government. They get services like pay bill numbers, mobile top-ups, and BTH recharge. These kinds of services are not offered directly by the government but get to the citizens, especially in the rural areas by a corporation of both government and private sector. The government to citizens is the sole responsibility of the government to offer services to the citizens through the specific government. PAN cards and pay bills, passport, etc.   

The list is endless as the CSC scheme entails all the countries entities which are citizen-centered. Apna CSC scheme is classified in the following order.

CSC Digital Seva Kendra 2020 | Apna CSC Online Registration 2020

Name of the schemeCommon service Centre CSC scheme
Category of the articleAbout digital service Kendra, digital service Apna CSC scheme.
Authority overseeing the schemeDepartment of electronic and information technology DEITY, ministry of communication, and Information Technology.
Area servedPAN India
Year of approval2006
Launched by The Indian government
Mode of registration Online method
Website link www.csc.gov.in

What is the Objectives of the Apna CSC 2020

Common Services Centre CSC scheme is governed by various objectives which characterize the scheme and how it should be conducted to serve the citizens. The objectives are realistic and help both in economic and social achievements. Note the scheme focuses on the rural areas,

  • To open up the rural areas to more information through the internet.
  • Provide quality services such as education and skill to the Indian citizens, especially those in the rural areas of the country.
  • Secure delivery of governmental services to the citizen’s example G2C (government to citizens) and the B2C (business to citizens).
  • Provide the best health care services to all the citizens focusing on the rural areas which rarely gain such services.
  • Community empowerment and overall provision of services to all districts ensuring they digitalization is felt countrywide.

New CSC Center Registration 2020 Full Process Step by Step

The Digital Seva Registration 2020 application process of the CSC online:

The government has introduced the CSC application online for all to use they have the Apna CSC official website.  Before the application takes place, one has to present the right documents and have a registered mobile number. All documents should be scanned since it’s an online application process; the guidelines are well stated and should be followed to the latter.  Below are steps to follow in CSC registration.

  • Navigate to the official Apna CSC web page.
  • On landing to the home page, select the registration link which is indicated as “new VLE registration or apply button.
  • Key in all the details starting from the; name, Aadhaar number, authentication type, and then enter the captcha code given. Recheck the details then select the submit button.
  • After the authentication process, the applicant can now enter information about the Kiosk, personal details, and place of residence, key in the banking information and infrastructure.
  • Go to the Kiosk tab then enter the information required after which you are to click on the next button.
  • Remember all the documents should be scanned; now upload your PAN card and a cancelled cheque. Here all the banking information is filled as shown:
  • Upload the recent photographs of the CSC and should be clear according to the given format.
  • The infrastructure information follows next enter in the given spaces.
  • Recheck all the information entered to ensure the correct details are transferred to the systems.
  • Now press the confirm and submit button, thus verifying the information given is correct.
  • Note the system will generate a reference ID, also known as application number. Then one gets an email from the registered email address, an acknowledgment email about the whole process.

CSC Registration Online Procedure 2020

The process only works if one is registered in the website portal, this an easy procedure which works as follows.

  1. Go to the Apna CSC portal “https://www.csc.gov.in/” . 
  2. Select the CSC registration from the homepage.
  3. Key in your Aadhaar number whereby the authentication process will take place. The process can be done using the OTP, IRIS, or the fingerprint method.
  4. Enter all the personal detail, now upload the documents and images of the centers.
  5. Click on the submit button.

How to Check CSC Application Status Online 2020-2021?

The system always produces an application number which one uses to get the application status.

  1. Navigate to the official website page www.csc.gov.in
  2. On the homepage, go to “click here to check,” which is under the “account status.”
  3. Enter your details, and all details entered during registration, key in the captcha code.
  4. The system will generate the status in second for display.

The CSC Re-registration 2020

These a mandatory procedure which is carried out yearly CSC Re-registration is done for all the system for the VLEs. By going to the official website and the VLE dates are updated to all the portals and media accounts. Note the VLE cannot work if not Re-registered, one has to visit the official website and click on the Re-registration tab, which is located at the application tab.

What is the eligibility requirements for the VLE?

Only eligible criteria should apply for the CSC registration as follows:

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • Educational levels need to qualify 10th class from a recognized institution.
  • They should be 18 years and village youth.
  • Have the know-how in the basic computer; has to be fluent in both reading and writing.
  • VLE has to work with and will to work with the village locals.

What are the Responsibilities of the VLE?

The sole purpose of the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is to serve and deliver services to the end users; they have to make an impact on the community.

  • VLE should be in a public place and accessible to all also in a safe place.
  • Follow the guidelines of the government to serve the end consumer.
  • Available at the working hours and has to be available online in the digital Seva web portal.

For more info about apna cse digital seva portal registration 2019 visit official digital india seva kendra website https://csc.gov.in/

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