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ACQUIRING DRIVING LICENCE IN THE AP TRANSPORT: Driving Licence is a legal document issued to qualified citizen and who has attained the given age. It is fully recognized by the government and any individual who wants to drive must have the Driving Licence (DL). The Andhra Pradesh state government is very strict to persons using the AP transport sector. They ensure the right people have attained the document legally.

AP Driving Licence & LLR Apply Online at aptransport.org

With this the government has made simple ways to attain a driving Licence. They have online portals where the citizens can access the DL. It is joy for the individual who are eligible to get the Licence. The document is issued by the Regional transport office (RTO). They provide certain test to verify whether you are qualified to be on the road.

The AP government overlooks the process ensuring safety on the roads.in the Indian country all the established states have rules and regulation which govern their road safety. They take different driving test according to the state. The state offer the driving test with different criteria and category of the vehicle being used.

Here in the Andhra Pradesh state all test are undertaken in the supervision of the motor vehicle inspector. They are assisted by the Regional transport offices who are located on the local areas and can be accessed easily.

How Many Types of Driving Licence in Andhra Pradesh Transport Dept.

Citizens who need a driving Licence in the Andhra Pradesh state need to provide two recognized Licence. One is temporarily held until you acquire the real driving Licence.

  1. Learner’s driving Licence (LLR).
  2. Permanent driving Licence (DL).

All individuals interested in driving must first hold the learner’s driving Licence. They will later apply for the permanent driving Licence. You have to go through a test with Regional transport officers and you qualify DL is issued. Why we call the learner’s driving Licence temporary? It is only valid for 6 months. The applicant has to apply for the permanent driving Licence before this time expires. The permanent DL can issued one month of after obtaining the permanent driving Licence.

Categories of Driving Licence

  • Driving Licence for the motor cycles without gear.

This is classified as a permanent driving Licence for those individuals with vehicles without gear. There are different types like mopeds and the scooters which don’t go beyond 50 cc. The Licence is given to the citizens who have attained the age of 16 years.

  • Driving Licence for the light motor vehicles

This a permanent driving Licence given to applicants of the light motor vehicle. This are the cars and the bikes they go above the 50 cc. The applicant has to be 18 years and above.

  • Driving Licence for the transport vehicles.

This a type of the permanent Licence which has different class of vehicle. The heavy vehicles like trucks, Lorries and trailers. The applicant has to be 20 years and above the taxis and the private service vehicles are also classified here.

How to Apply for Learners Driving Licence (LLR) Online at AP Transport .

An individual who needs a driving Licence has to get the learner’s Licence (LLR) first. It has the three categories mention above. If ones need a LLR for the motorcycles without gear one has to attain the 16 years age mark. 18 years for light motorcycles and 20 years for the transport vehicles. This are the given criteria’s by the AP transport RTO officers.

The applicant can use the online method to apply for learner’s Licence. They can download the forms which have to be filled ad submitted to the Andhra Pradesh Transport RTO officers near you.

  1. Navigate to the Andhra Pradesh transport official website page: https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org
  2. The form will displayed on the home page.
  3. Fill in the required information including the name of applicant, your Aadhaar number, pin code and mobile number etc…
how to apply for ap transport LLR Test Slot Booking
  1. When all the fields are done submit the form and pay LLR Fee online after payment submit it to the nearest RTO offices.
  2. For those who have not booked a slot they will visit the same official website. Choose the test center which nearest to you plus the district.
  3. Look for the date and time available on the slot. Book according to your availability, if they are all booked wait for a chance to arise and select.
  4. Now visit the center on the date and time you choose, you will take a test and once you pass the learner Licence is issued.

Required Documents for learners Licence (LLR) in the Andhra Pradesh Transport.

  1. The AP transport application will be inform of form 2.
  2. Give the age proof and address documents like:
  • Birth certificate
  • School leaving certificate
  • Passport
  • Ration card
  • Voters ID
  • Aadhaar card
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • If you have no of the documents the RTO will ask for the affidavit form from the judicial magistrate.
  1. A medical form proving you are fit to use such vehicles. This is given in form 1A
  2. Bring you recent passports and if applying for the transport vehicles you have to bring the original of light or motorcycles without gear Licence.

AP Driving Licence LLR Online Apply Process:

  1. Go to the AP Transport official website:
  2. Download the form and fill the required details, you can also pick the form from the RTO offices.
  3. Now take the copy of the filled for to the RTO offices near you.
  4. As you had booked the test go prepared and take the test.
  5. You have to pass to get the Licence.

How to check AP Transport LLR Status?

There two ways to check learners Licence & Driving License Status in Andhra Pradesh Transport.

  • Offline
  • Online

Offline method

  • Go to the AP Transport RTO center where you applied for the test.
  • Give the required information like name, addresses and the application number.
  • The officer in charge will give you the details about the LL.

Online method

  1. Go to the AP transport official website page: https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/#!/dlmodule
  2. On the home page select “Application status”, Then select Driving licence (DL option)
  1. Go to the delivery service and enter “Driving Licence” as the module. Key in the application number on the input followed by the LLR number.
  1. The system will check on the details and give the progress of the Licence. You will learn whether the Licence is dispatched or still processing.
  2. If the details don’t appear and you have key in the wrong data press the clear button. Repeat the whole process again carefully.

AP Driving Licence Apply Online slot booking

Online process.

  1. Go to the AP transport official website page: https://aprtacitizen.epragathi.org/#!/llrmodule
  2. First you need to apply for LLR through online ap transport website.
  1. You need to appear Online exam in RTO Office for 20 Marks.
  2. After that you need to book slot for driving test through online website
  3. Now download the application form for the DL.
  4. Fill in the important information on all the fields:
  5. Name of the applicant.
  6. Aadhaar card
  7. Father’s name
  8. The district
  9. Address
  10. Mobile number
  11. Ration number etc..
  • Get the filled copy and take it to the nearest RTO offices.
  • Go to driving test, Along with given copies above.
  • After that AP transport dept will send your DL through post to your address.

Documents required

  1. The legal documents of the vehicle.
  2. The application form which should be filled.
  3. Bring 4 passport photos
  4. Verified medical certificate in the form 1A. Only given by government doctors from recognized institution.
  5. Proof of age and address like the Aadhaar card, pan number, voter id and other bills.
  6. Now carry with you the given fee by the AP transport RTO officers for application.

Process of applying a driving Licence in the AP Trasport government.

  1. Go to the AP transport official website and produce the application form 4.
  2. You can also visit the RTO offices and get the application form.
  3. Bring with you the valid learners Licence and the medical form in form 1A.
  4. Bring the form 5 if you are applying for transport vehicle Licence
  5. The legal documents should produced and also the recommended fee.
  6. All this should submitted at the RTO offices you took the test.
  7. You must pass the test to get the permanent driving Licence.

How to take the test in Andhra Pradesh?

The applicant who has submitted the right documents and has allocated time and date slot. The motor vehicle inspector will supervise the whole process. He/she will determine whether you qualify to attain the permanent driving Licence. As an applicant you have to bring your learners Licence which has a period of 30 days.

What happens when on fails the test in AP?

The motor vehicle inspector will give one more chance which is after 7 days. All the candidates will take the oral interview which show how much you understand the traffic rules and road signs.

The driving Licence will delivered by post after the full processing. The Indian postal service delivers to the right address.

How to check the AP Transport driving Licence status online?

The individuals who need the Licence can check their Licence status through the online method or offline. Using the simple steps below:

  1. Navigate to the online website portal: https://www.aptransport.org
  2. When the home page opens go direct to the delivery service option.
  3. Key in the word Licence as the module.
  4. Use the application number or the learner’s Licence number to check the status of you DL.
  5. When you choose one of the above press the get details.
  6. The ap transport portal will check your details if correct you will receive the status of your DL.

Offline method

Visit the nearest RTO where you took the test or applied for the DL bring with the right documents. Give the names and address. You also need the application number or LL number, the officer in charge will check the progress of your DL and advice more about it.

AP driving licence name correction online

How to make correction on the driving Licence in AP Transport.

The applicant may wish to change the name or address the government has introduce such information in the ap transport website thus making it easy for the citizens.

  1. You need to visit the RTO station where you attained your driving Licence.
  2. Those who need a change in the name are required to produce the proof of either the marriage certificate.
  3. Address change is also very easy you only give the proof of where you reside like the electricity bill, voter card or Aadhaar card.
  4. Bring with you the original copy of the driving Licence.
  5. The change can also done on plain paper through the judicial court fee stamp.
  6. Take the forms and proves to the RTO offices and the officer in charge will verify the details.
  7. Then a receipt will given to the applicant showing you have made the change and act as temporary DL.
  8. The new update driving Licence will sent through the Indian registered post.

The Test Procedure for DL in the Andhra Pradesh Transport Dept.

The state offers four centers to take the test as follows:

  • Nagole driving facility
  • Kondapur driving Licence.
  • Gannavaram Nagole driving Licence.
  • Ampapuram Nagole heavy vehicle driving facility.
  1. Interested individuals can book any station and take a time and date slot at apeamcet.org.
  2. All the individuals applying for the DL test will have to drive in the presence of the motor vehicle inspector.
  3. He/she checks whether you qualify and he will issue the Licence.
  4. Those who fail will wait for seven days to repeat the test.

How to Renewal Driving Licence Online in Andhra Pradesh State Transport?

In the AP state the Licence for motorcycles without gear is valid for a period of 16 years while the light vehicles Licence is valid for 18 years.

  1. Get the application form to start the renewal process. The form is known as form 9 which is given back to the RTO.
  2. A fee goes along with application form before submitting the forms to the officers in charge.
  3. Give also three passport photos which to submitted with form 6.
  4. Provide the original DL and the medical form showing how fit you are to drive. This give with the form 1A and the RTO will verify the documents.
  5. If they are correct the DL will sent via postal.

Apply Duplicate Driving License in AP Transport Online

  1. Go to the AP Transport RTO center where you applied for the DL or renewed.
  2. Provide the learner’s Licence and 3 clear and recent passport.
  3. Fees as prescribed along with user charges will included if the applicant uses the form 7.

International driving Licence

  1. Fill in the IDP form at the AP transport RTO center where you obtained the Licence.
  2. Now submit 3 passport photos which should be clear and recent.
  3. Present the original copies of the DL.
  4. An application fee of RS 200 alongside the application form.
  5. If approved the Licence will sent through the postal office.

NOTE: we are not responsible for any kind of mistake in this content. Please visit ap transport official websites http://www.aptransport.org/ (or) https://aptransport.in/aphome.html.

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