RGRHCL – Basava Vasathi Yojana RGRHCL list 2020 at Ashraya.Karnataka.gov.in

The RGRHCL Project – Basava Vasathi Yojana RGRHCL list 2020 download at Ashraya.Karnataka.gov.in


Housing is among the necessities which every human should possess in their lifetime. However, owning a home requires financial strength to buy or construct a house. The Indian government understands the fact of having shelter for every citizen.  They have implemented a system that helps offers housing for financially disadvantaged citizens. The RGRHCL (Rajeev Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited was established in 2000 as a state-owned enterprise working under the companies Act.  The government offers a capital of Rs 10 crore and a paid equity of RS 3 crore. The housing scheme is called Aishwarya Yojana/Basava Vasathi Yojana; applicants should register using the link https://ashraya.Karnataka.gov.in/

Beneficiaries are required to have some legal documents to ensure they deserve the housing aid. Once the corporation verifies the information, it will notify the applicant. Register using the link and apply; the government will later provide names of those who qualify by sending via the website portal.

Benefits of the Housing scheme to Karnataka beneficiary

  • The scheme provides housing at an affordable price. 
  • The houses are durable and will host many families in the state.
  • Helps financially challenged families.
  • The housing pricing is way cheaper than standard house construction.
  • RGRHCL scheme is transparent, and citizens can account for all resources used from the website.

Basava Vasathi Yojana online application

  1. Go to the official RGRHCL scheme web page https://ashraya.karnataka.gov.in/
  2. The homepage selects the option “new application,” the system will display an application form.
  3. Next, all mandatory details and upload the documents on the portal.
  4. Select the submit button.

How to check application status at RGRHCL portal?

  1. Visit the RGRHCL website portal and on the homepage https://ashraya.karnataka.gov.in/, click the option “Beneficiary status.”
  2. The beneficiary status form will show on the screen. Fill in all required details such as district and beneficiary code.
  3. Next, click the submit button.
  4. The status will show on your screen in a short while.

RGRHCL checking name correction report

  1. Open the RGRHCL website page https://ashraya.karnataka.gov.in/
  2. Now click the “Name correction report” tab from the page.
  3. The portal will open the Name correction report page where you select the area ‘urban or rural.”
  4. The system will show the name on the screen.

What are the required documents?

The applicant should upload some legal document which shows identity and income.

  • Aadhaar card
  • Your voter ID card.
  • PAN card
  • Income certificate
  • And bank details.

The eligibility criteria for the Basava Vasathi Yojana scheme

To qualify for the housing scheme, you need to fulfill several guidelines set by the state government.

  • The beneficiary must be a permanent member of the Karnataka state.
  • The yearly income of the beneficiary household shouldn’t exceed Rs.32,000
  • The applicant will be selected by the MLA/ gram Panchayat and passed by the scheme’s final authorities.
  • The houses under the scheme add up to a total unit cost of 5 lakhs.

Karnataka citizens in need of home should apply using the official website and follow the application steps. Have all your documents and fill the correct information to avoid disqualification.

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