How to Return Product on Myntra Through Myntra APP and

How to Return product on myntra: Yes customers can send the product/item return through App (or) website. Myntra return policy at


The Myntra is quite famous among Indian and global online shoppers. It’s a versatile e-commerce online platform that sells shoes, Jewelry, watches, handbags, cosmetics, clothes, and more. The products are not limited to Indian culture but open western cultures too.

Online shopping is a convenient, fast, and effective way of buying household, beauty products, and clothing. However, it’s also frustrating if the user receives the wrong color choice, size, or product. The majority of online shopping outlets don’t offer the privilege to return goods once sold. This limits and discourages online shoppers from buying through online platforms. However, the Mynthra ecommerce shopping portal provides a different and unique return policy.

Customers can return or exchange goods within the stated duration and receive correct products. To enjoy the return policy, the product shouldn’t be used. This means the packaging, tags, and product condition should be preserved. The policy doesn’t cover jewelry, cosmetics, undergarments, and few other products.

How to Return a Product on Myntra Using the Myntra Mobile App

Step by step to Return a Product on Myntra Using the Myntra Mobile App

  1. Download the Myntra APP on your mobile device.
  2. The service is available on Android and IOS devices.
  3. Once the download process stops, install and launch the application.
  4. On the menu, click the profile option.
  5. Proceed to “orders” >”return button.
  6. Next, choose the specific issue with the product under the select issues section.
  7. The user can also enter the issue through writing in the additional comment section.
  8. Now click “proceed.”
  9. The system will automatically indicate the address where the product was delivered to where it will be picked.
  10. However, the user can change the address on the page.
  11. Proceed and select the refund mode: back to the source or Myntra credit.
  12. Tick the checkbox to confirm the product is intact and unused and confirm.
  13. The app will display a return request submission. It will show the reference number and how to hand over the item.
  14. Recheck the details and click done.
  15. The request timeline and pickup date will show on the reference.

How to Return Product on Myntra

Myntra APP Download

Android Users
Iphone Users (IOS)

How To Return Product On Myntra?

Step by step to Return a Product on Myntra through website

  1. Go to the Myntra website portal URL:
  2. Next select the profile >orders >return tab.
  3. Click on the particular issue under the select issue section.
  4. Enter the details on the additional comments and click proceed button.
  5. The delivery address will automatically paste on the pickup address section.
  6. Enter the mode of refund and select from back to the source or Myntra credit.
  7. Now click the checkbox confirming that the product is unused and has original tags. Click confirm button.
  8. The page will show a return request submitted message.
  9. It will indicate the reference number and pick-up process. Click “done” this will show the request placed timeline and pick update.

The Myntra pickup agent will contact or visit you within the agreed date and time—the platform refunds users within seven working days. However, you can opt to exchange the product with the new product instead of a monetary refund. Mynthra offers a flexible shopping system that eases the user’s need to visit a physical store.


  1. What is Myntra?

    This is an online shopping platform that offers various products suiting men, women, and kids. Myntra is developed in Indian and serves a wide range of customers. It provides both local and western products.

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