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Gujarat COVID-19 exemption pass (E-pass) lockdown inter and intra state travel pass Apply online application, status check at

The Covid-19 epidemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. Many countries have lockdown as a protection option for their citizens. In India, the government has called lockdown, which has affected all state’s economies and activities. Though restriction is the best option to curb the virus, many people are suffering in terms of movement and lack of essential needs.

In this concern, the Gujarat state government has come up with a pass for severe cases.  The government has the authority to issue the Covid-19 exemption pass to citizens with pressing issues.  The cases have to be an emergency for the pass to be considered. To receive the pass, one can apply online or through an offline method.  Today we check on the process and ways of using the web portal offered by the government.

Gujarat Covid-19 Lockdown exemption E pass

Exemption e-pass is a unique document that allows some citizens to move from one place to another. The government has to consider your request to have the pass. Though risking in this kind of situation. The government urges citizens who don’t have to travel to stay home. This will reduce the virus from spreading and give the government an easy time coping with the problem. The official link has been dispatched and is available for anyone in need

Gujarat Lockdown inter and intrastate pass 2020

E-PassGujarat Covid-19 Lockdown exemption pass 2020
PurposeEmergencies & Essential services only
AuthorityThe state government of Gujarat
Mode of application registrationBoth online and offline
Official link 
Gujarat lockdown e pass online 2020

Documents required to get the Gujarat Lockdown exemption pass (E pass).

The website requires all applicants to provide some legal documents. The application process will be completed after uploading these documents for verification.

  • A copy of the driving license.
  • Government identification card.
  • ID proof of the concern shop/office or department.
  • A vehicle RC 
  • A solid proof of registration with the state government.
  • Have a clear and recent passport photo.

Details needed for the E Pass online process

The online process requires one to have different details in order. The applicant has to fill all these details to qualify for the pass.

  • The full applicant’s name.
  • The correct district name where the applicant hails from.
  • Taluka and village of the applicant.
  • Address as indicated on the Id proof document.
  • Registered email address.
  • A registered mobile number. 
  • The exempted industry type.
  • All vehicle details, driver’s features, and the route they will use.
  • Establishment category. 
  • Date of the exemption.

Gujarat e-pass in Covid-19 lockdown Apply Process

The applicant should check on have all the above details ready. Once done with organizing the requirement. The applicant has to register before applying for the e-pass.

Official registration process.

  1. Navigate to the official website page  and select the link 
  2. On opening the home page, go to the menu and select “services” on top of the page. On the dropdown list, click on the option “citizen’s services.”
  3. The system will show a list of the services, and from this list, select the Covid-19 exemption pass option.
  4. A new page will open where various instructions are stated clearly. Read and understand each rule, then proceed. Select the tab indicated as “apply online.”
  5. Now register a new user by clicking on the “new user registration (citizen)” button.
  6. The page will show an online registration form that needs to be filled correctly. Recheck the information entered then click the save button. 
  7. Here you’re to enter your date of birth, mobile number, email address, password, confirm the password, then enter the security code and save button.
  8. You have to be careful while entering these personal details. Any mistake will be detected and can lead to denial of the e-pass.

Gujarat exemption Pass (E-pass) Online Application Registration Process

After the corona e-pass registration, one can apply for the e-pass online using the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website 
  2. The login process uses the credential which you have registered within the above process. 
  3. On the homepage, select the tab “other services,” then click on the continue button.
  4. The system will give a request ID and application number for the particular service. Now press continue for the next step.
  5. On pressing this button, the exemption pass will show on the screen. 
  6. Enter all details as a request by the system. Note all features should be correct. Any duplication or mistake will lead to rejection of the application.
  7. Now recheck the information and then upload the requirement as stated above. These requirements are Id proof, photograph, etc.
  8. After all, details are uploaded click on the submit button. The system will register your application successfully.
  9. The officials will then check all details and verify if your job and description are falling under the said categories. If accurate, the exemption pass will be issued, and a confirmation message will be sent to your mobile number. 
  10. You can download the pass through the same website portal and have a printout for reference.

How to apply for Gujarat State Corona e-pass offline.

Citizens can also apply for the pass through the offline method. It’s easy and can be done within a short period. First, the applicant has to download a copy of the epass from the website. After which you print it out and fill every detail need by the authorities.  Every applicant has to register to get the form. Enter and provide the required proof documents. Recheck on what you have entered. Any mistake and the form won’t be considered.  Now you can drop the form at the concerned department near you. They will verify the information and check whether the applicant deserves the exemption pass.

Note the pass is issued for emergency cases only. Citizens should weigh their issues and see if they need the pass. Moving around poses a significant threat to family and you also. If there is no need to move from one place to the other, please stay home for your safety and health. The government is strict on issuing the pass, and anyone found duplicating and misusing it will face harsh punishment.

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