Coronavirus Outbreak, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention in India

Coronavirus is a cluster of many type of viruses. Some of which are disease causing virus. They happen to affect the respiratory tract of both human and animals. The virus can cause different illness such as common cold and also go to extends of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). All these corona viruses were transmitted from animal to human. However, there are many different corona viruses that area detected in animals and haven’t affected human in any way.

Coronavirus Causes, Symptoms and Prevention in India (Hyderabad)

Coronavirus was first detected in 1937 with an infectious bronchitis virus in birds. Research shows that Coronavirus can affect majority of the animals making it a zoonotic virus. Recently authorities and the WHO (world health organization) have identified Coronavirus outbreak. This was detected in China and has now spread to other countries. The Human Coronaviruses is named according to the crown projection of their surface. In the 190’s the virus was detected from the patients noses who had common cold. The OC43 and 229E are common and have a hand in spreading the Coronaviruses.  However, study show coronavirus is common during the winter season and beginning of spring. The virus cannot last long since the coronavirus antibodies cannot live long.

2019 Novel coronavirus

The 2019 Novel coronavirus which is also known as 2019nCoV. The virus was name after the date as it was detected on December 2019. WHO picked a name that didn’t refer to any nationality or animal? Thus avoiding any discrimination. The virus can be spread from one person to the other. Though not much is known about how contagious it can be. The center for disease control (CDC) and the WHO have already declared 2019nCoV a health emergency.

The Spread of 2019 Novel coronavirus to Human

The question is how did the 2019nCoV spread? The virus first appeared in Wuhan city in China country. This was in December 2019, the health experts doing strong investigation of where the virus could be generated from. Links are directed to seafood companies and markets in the Wuhan city. Proven being that majority of the people who visited the market developed viral pneumonia. However, some reports show the first sick individual didn’t visit the seafood market. The case was on 1st December 2019 giving officials a task of expanding their search.  Its believe the virus is from animal but can be contracted by human. It can spread from human to human. It has spread through the country and several other countries in the world

Incubation period.

The 2019 novel Coronavirus has different symptoms which are only evident within 14days. The period is enough for one to pass on the virus to other people. Health official’s advice on checkup soon when one see or feels ill.

Coronavirus Symptoms in India, Hyderabad (2019nCoV)

The coronavirus has several symptoms which causes viral pneumonia. It shows symptoms such as:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Intensified asthma
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Foer the severe cases patients show: pneumonia, SARS, kidney failure and also death.

Note some patients are asymptomatic, they don’t show the symptoms early or at all despite them being infected with the virus. This poses a great threat to people around the patient. The symptoms a different for every individual some being mild to some while others fatal. Human coronavirus cannot be easily detected from the lab. Experts say it has no cure yet but one can take preventive measures such as:

  • Drinking enough water
  • Keep off overcrowded places
  • Rest and overexertion
  • Always avoid smoky areas and also avoid smoking areas.
  • Take some OTC drugs to ease the pain and fevers.
  • Use of clean humidifier
  • Washing hand and using alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  • Always cover when coughing and sneezing. Plus damp the tissue into a closed bin.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or moth with unwashed hand to avoid spread of the virus.
  • Stay indoors if you’re sick
  • Keep the items used frequently by people clean.

Types of Coronaviruses 2020

In the past Human corona viruses have been detected. They all vary according to how severe the symptoms and the speed they spread at.

  • (alpha coronavirus) 229E
  • (alpha coronavirus) NL63
  • (beta coronavirus) OC43
  • (beta coronavirus) HKU1

We have rare cases such as:

  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS.
  • Middle east respiratory syndrome MERS
  • 2019 novel coronavirus (it the recent virus but yet to have an official name. the health experts refer it to 2019nCoV)


The transmission process is not full identified. However, study shows one can transmit the virus through:

  • Secretion of fluids from a person respiratory system.
  • Coughing and sneezing is a great way to spread if the patient or individual doesn’t cover their mouth and nose.
  • Touching and shaking of hands with infected person
  • Touching surfaces and objects that are infested with the virus then contacting your nose, mouth and eyes.
  • Contact with feces but on very rare occasion.

The 2019nCoV which was seen first in Wuhan China has spread rapidly. The numbers show more than 1000 people have been diagnosed with the virus. There are several causes in other parts of the world. The infected people round the world had no contact with the seafood market. This suggests the virus can be spread from human to human. Authorities are working and doing their best to get much information on how to treat and curb the virus.  there no vaccinations yet but the scientist have ways to detect and treat early signs of the virus. 

Notably all the Human coronavirus have almost same symptoms. Taking SARS which started in Guangdong province in southern China in November 2002. It spread to other countries 37 in total. Affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract. The patients show signs of sneezing, coughing(dry) chills. Diarrhea, difficulty in breathing and aches. The patient might have pneumonia which is the last stage of SARS. MERS WAS FIRST DETECTED IN Saudi Arabia and has spread rapidly to other countries. The virus was known in the year 2012. Symptoms being fever, difficulty in breathing and coughing. The transmission was through contact with infected persons.

How Deadly is 2019nCoV (coronavirus)?

The new 2019nCoV (coronavirus) has claimed over 5000+ lives, within the short time of detection. The virus has taken more than what was recorded for SARS and MERS outbreaks. The mortality rate is still low according to the WHO (world health organization). They rate it at 2.4 percent, most cases are seen at the Hubei province in China. No much reports from other countries where health experts are working to ensure the virus is contained and treaded.

The China government have restricted movement to and from Wuhan. This helps contain people and the virus in one place making it easier to treat. The government and all health official announce the efforts of getting a vaccine. Though it will be hard to have mass distribution of the vaccine before the year 2021. The China airlines have also cancelled several flights to and from China. However, some countries round the world have banned the Chinese nationalities from getting into their countries. This are preventive measure which will be checked into after the virus is contained.

Visit Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India Official website For Official updates

Coronavirus Symptoms in Telugu (తెలుగు)

  • దగ్గు ఎక్కువగా ఉండడం
  • జ్వరం ఎక్కువగా ఉండడం
  • జలుబు
  • గొంతు నొప్పి ( త్రోట్ ఇన్ఫెక్షన్)
  • ఆస్తమా
  • శ్వాస తీసుకోవడం ఇబ్బందిగా ఉండటం
  • అలుపు ఆయాసం అలసటగా ఉండటం

ఇలాంటి లక్షణాలు ఎక్కువగా ఉన్నప్పుడు దగ్గర్లో ఉన్న హాస్పిటల్ లో డాక్టర్ ని సంప్రదించండి

Hyderabad coronavirus Mindspace Case

Latest News: Hitech city of hyderabad, India had been noticed second case of COVID-19 at Mindspace facility, Madhapur on March-4 2020. As its known that first case had been noticed on two days ago. The Mindspace facility has a star hotel, multinational firms, Indian IT firms. Both Mindspace and Brightspace facilities will be closed till further notices had been recieved regarding COVID 19 by asking them to work from homes.

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