How to Start Batteries Business in India?

Can i start Battery business in India? How to Start Batteries Business in India?. How to Apply for Exide Battery Dealership 2024.

Simple Ways to Start a Batteries Business in India

All electronic gadgets have a single similarity that helps in daily functionality. Regardless of the size or shape, all machines require a powering feature. Batteries are a significant aspect of running cars, industrial machines, phones, and all electronic devices. Technology offers multiple sets of batteries, some being chargeable (solar-power) and automated.

The battery manufacturing business is quite lucrative as it’s long-term with ready markets. Batteries are a mandatory requirement for many companies making it a promising business idea. India is a developing and digitalized country, running thousands of industries, from steel to making incredible health systems, schools, transport systems, and more. The sectors require power energy facilitations for smooth operation.

Battery enterprises will come in handy for Indian residents seeking to thrive in the business industry. There are famous battery providers, such as Exide, Luminous, and Okaya, who are dominating the market. The brands incorporate small enterprises and dealerships to distribute their products to all locations (rural and urban).

How to Start Batteries Business in India?

Battery Dealerships in India

Interested citizens can request battery dealerships with any of the big brands. Each Company has different policies that govern the business. However, aspiring users can also learn about starting the battery business. The process entails documentation, legal representation, licenses, and more.

Required strategy before starting Battery business in India

  • Market demand

Though the battery business is unique and contains a vast market, it’s advisable to conduct market research. There are various brands competing to gain clients. However, it’s best to gain knowledge of each brand before applying for the dealership.

Ensure to understand clients’ needs by surveying the most requested batteries and their uses. Once you establish the customers’ demands, check whether you can meet their needs by providing large volumes of batteries.

  • Legal status

Starting a business needs legal intervention; Companies must register and meet tax requirements. One must apply for business permits, licenses, health documentation, and State authority regulations. Ensure to involve legal authorities in your venture to avoid legal battles.


Once the legal process is settled, the entrepreneur needs proper equipment for the job. Employees must have protective gadgets like gloves, helmets, etc. The company should also provide quality machinery to produce safe and functional batteries.

Batteries Business

Initial investments Business start-up is pretty costly and requires more attention. The investment depends on the battery company type and the products to produce. Interested users can start with a rough estimation as follows:

  • Battery dealership initial deposit can start from ₹ 1 – 2 lakhs.
  • A recharging machine of about ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 25,000.
  • Shop interior décor and signage of ₹25,000.
  • Other expenses ₹20 000.
  • Own shop or rent security deposit ₹ 50,000.

One can also check the following:

  • Labor
  • Operating cost
  • Rent
  • Equipment purchasing and maintenance.
  • Bills
  • Legal registrations
  • Employee payments

Tentative profit margins

The profit margins vary based on the type of business (ownership or partnered). Users distributing for popular brands may receive high profits ranging from 35% (for inverter batteries) or (20 to 30 % for vehicle batteries). However, new brands can also gain more once they gain a market grip. A new brand needs to market its products to avail 100% profits.

How to Apply for Exide Battery Dealership

Exide batteries are diversely used worldwide; the company has opportunities for dealership programs, thus incorporating new applicants.

  • To apply for Exide batteries, one must provide a security deposit and the required dealership documents.
  • Applicants must be 21 years and above.
  • No criminal recording.
  • One should have a minimum space of 100 to 200 square feet (shop). For godown owners, the space should be 300 to 500 square feet (warehousing).
  • Personal documents such as an Aadhaar card, PAN card, identity card, and address details.
  • An income certificate and resource proof documents such as a canceled chequebook.
  • A shop agreement, sales deed, or rental agreement.
  • GST number, NOC, licenses, and other financial documents.

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  1. Why choose a luminous battery dealership?

Luminous batteries are popular in India as they are solar-powered. The batteries are easily maintained and have great service.

  • Can I apply for the dealership?

India has many popular battery companies that allow for dealership programs. Interested users can apply for any brand to distribute and produce the batteries.

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