How To Check Aadhar Card Status After Correction?

Check Your Aadhar Card Status Online For Free After Update Request Submitted (After Correction). How to Check Aadhaar Card Update / Enrolment Status Online

Check Aadhar Card Status After Correction

Yes, you can check aadhar card status online by name and enrollment number/ Mobile/ URN/ Name: Online applications come in handy especially for India citizens who have to access documents like the Aadhar card. this has eased the hassles of visiting the UIDAI center for application. Given the official website page Indian residents can now apply and also check their status online. To add it up one can also amend details on the Aadhar card via website page.

This reduces the congestion at the centers and also reduces loss of documents. It eases the UIDAI staff’s work who have to deal with clients online. This also helps in fast production of the documents which is a sure way of receiving original and legal documents.

What is Aadhar Card?

a legal document comprising of 12 unique digits issued by the well-known UIDAI statuary body under the Ministry of electronics and information technology. This serves a great deal as citizens need the card to:

  • Access bank transactions
  • Acts as identity proof and also address proof, the card doesn’t represent citizenship though containing one’s details.
  • The card is issued once meaning one can’t own tow cards.
  • It assists in getting government subsidies and other benefits.
  • Governments identifies and offers schemes using the Aadhaar number.
  • Helps the government to identify all fraud and fake related matters.
  • It easier to track one using the Aadhaar card since it contains all the KYC.

Aadhar Card Status Check

Check Aadhar Card Status

Note the card doesn’t charge any amount while applying thus giving chances to all citizens. Aadhar can be downloaded online using an official website page:  after the application process one can check the status of the application using the same website. UIDAI has provided several ways for the esteem citizen to check and verify if the process is on progress or needs repetition.  Below we have simple steps to take in each procedure.

How to Check Aadhaar Card Update / Enrolment Status Online

Procedure of checking Aadhar card status online: Aadhar Card Status – Check / Enquiry Aadhar Update Status Online

  1. Visit the official website page and use the link:
  2. The system will open the homepage directly go to the Aadhaar online services.
  3. Select the check Aadhaar status tab.
  4. Note you can also check status using the official direct link:
  5. Continue by keying in the enrollment ID plus the date and time of enrollment. Remember to enter the captcha code then select check status.
  6. The system will check the details and give the results according to whether the card is generated or still in process. If generated one will receive guidelines on how to download the card online using the registered mobile number.
  7. The download options are indicated using the Download Aadhaar or download using mobile.

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Using Mobile Number

The applicants mobile number has to be registered for one to receive full details. Following the steps below one can receive status at the comfort of their home.

  1. Visit the official website page:
  2. Getting to the homepage check at the bottom part of the page and select Aadhaar services.
  3. The option will give a link where one can download e-aadhaar card.
  4. Next the user will get the Aadhaar page, click on the option which suits you best:
  5. Status checking
  6. Aadhaar enrollment
  7. Updating Aadhaar details.
  8. Click on the verify mobile number and a new page appears for one to confirm the number they issued.
  9. After this enter your Aadhaar number followed by the email o registered mobile number.
  10. The system will send you a security code, use the code to access the OTP.
  11. The OTP will be sent to the registered mobile or email address. Key in the code for confirmation and complete the process.
  12. The progress of your Aadhaar application will be shown. For processed Aadhaar one can download and print the form in PDF format.

How To Check Aadhaar Card Status Offline

Checking of aadhar card status via the application center

Online application and status checking happens to the fast and convenient way. However, Indian citizens can also visit the application center. Officers at the UIDAI center will guide the applicants. One needs the acknowledgment slip or enrollment number. You can receive the details also by providing personal details like name, mobile number and address. here you will get the progress pf the Aadhaar card and if ready the officers will issue the card. This acts the same way as downloaded copy of the Aadhaar card.

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Using Mobile Number?

The process is much easier and uses message format which doesn’t require one to use internet.

On your mobile phone please enter the SMS of the message app as follows:

UID STATUS<14-digit enrollment number> the send the SMS to 51969

Check Aadhaar card status sending through SMS through your mobile number

Note the SMS will be replied according to the progress, for complete application the SMS will contain your Aadhaar number. For application still in progress the SMS will give status indicating Aadhaar on process.  This is easy and requires a bit of charges and can be done on any mobile device.

Check Aadhaar Card Status Without Acknowledgement/enrollment

Step by step to check Aadhaar card status without Acknowledgement/enrollment information

UIDAI application centers and online process ensures all applicants receive an acknowledgement slip or enrollment number. This helps in status checking or change of details. This being a normal number one can loss it easily which makes the situation complicated. Therefore, the UIDAI body has come up with ways to get the status and even downloading the card without the slip.

  1. Navigate to the official UIDAI website page:
  2. On the page choose the “Find UID/EID” tab on the screen.
  3. Here enter all your personal details as filled during the application process. Name, registered mobile number and email address
  4. Key in the security code which will be sent on the screen.
  5. Heck the screen for the OTP option.
  6. The system will send the OTP to your mobile number or registered email address.  key in the OTP for verification.
  7.  The system will verify the OTP and send the enrollment number again to your email address or mobile number.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status With Enrollment No

Process of checking the Aadhaar card status using the enrollment number.

The process can be done offline, where applicants have the official number from the UIDAI 1947. The enrollment will be given and from this one can check the status using the enrollment number.

  1. Go to the official website page:
  2. Fill in the enrollment number and date plus time.
  3. Give the security code offered then proceed to check status.
  4. The system will give the Aadhaar status whether in progress or generated.
  5. Download and print the card if ready.

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status by Name?

Again the UIDAI systems will always produce the acknowledgment slip and enrollment number. One also gives details like name, address, and mobile number. With this personal details Aadhaar status checking is easier using the official website page.

Our next article will be on 6 Ways To Check Aadhar Status After Update Request Submitted at uidai official website

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