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CEO Andhra Pradesh New Voter ID Application (Form 6), Corrections and Transfers 2020 process at

New voter id card registration andhra pradesh state: Elections in India are held once in every 5 years. Every Indian citizen has to enroll their details, for that, Indian citizen has to attain minimum certain age limit, for that purpose Election Commission of India has introduced service portal to enroll their details through National Voter Service Portal (NVSP). Each state in India has a separate voter registration portal. AP residents should need to register through Andhra CEO Web portal.

How To Apply New Voter Id Card Online application form In Telugu 2020
How To Apply New Voter Id Card Online application form In Telugu 2021

Aspirants who are not familiar with online services for those citizens shall have another process to enroll their name in Voter list i.e by visiting nearby constituency leaders or through mee seva services. It is Mandatory for all Indian citizens to cast their vote. Every Indian Citizen who attained 18 years age limit shall be applicable for the elections to cast their vote.

How to Apply AP New Voter ID Online?|Andhra Pradesh Voter ID card Online Status 2020

Under CEO AP NVSP portal there will be different types of forms available for the citizens. Aspirants shall need to choose their related and proceed for further process. Now we are discussing about Form 6. Form 6 is related for new applicants and the persons who are shifting from one constituency to another constituency. Applicant can choose as per their convenience to register in NVSP. Citizen shall need to be prepared with required documents before going to precede registration process. All eligible citizens of India who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to apply for a Voter ID card. These applicants are categorized into three groups, those are General Resident Electors, Service Electors, Overseas/NRI Electors.

General Resident Elector: All the citizens of India residing within the country are considered as General Electors. A person should be at least 18 years old.

Service Electors: Every Indian citizen who is eligible to vote under the service Elector category. These people are not present in their regular residence as they have been transferred for service or employment in some other part of the country/world.

Overseas/NRI Electors: The Non Resident Indians to apply for a voter ID even in when they are not physically present in India. But a mandate is that the person should not have citizenship in any other country and must have attained the age of 18.

How to Apply for CEO AP New Voter Registration at

Every new applicant has to register their Name through NVSP portal or offline method. To become a voter you need to fill in the application Form 6. Once this Form is accepted, your name will be included in the Electoral Roll as a voter. There are four options to fill Form 6.

Mandatory Documents

  • Proof of your residence, such as driving license, passport, bank pass book, any postal letter received on your address etc.
  • Proof of your age if you are between 18 and 21 years of age ( such as birth certificate, school leaving certificate etc.)
  • Recent Passport Size Photograph

AP New Voter ID Online Application Process for Registration in CEO AP Official Portal

New applicants who are registering New Voter Registration in AP CEO shall need to visit NVSP portal, here we are provided step by step process with complete images. Applicants can follow the process and kept all the documents with you while applying for voter Registration.

New Applicants should go through Andhra CEO official website  for different concerns like new voter registration, change in some of the particulars

There will be different options available in the web page. Applicant should go through appropriate line, to fill the forms or know the status we shall need to go through E-Registration link, in that 2 options will be available one is Assembly Constituency and other is Council Constituency.

We need to choose Assembly Constituency link in that all the forms available like Form 6, Form 7, Form 8, and Form 8A. Choose appropriate form, New Voter applicants should need to choose Form 6 Link.

New Voter applicants and the applicants who changed their residence to another constituency should need to Select Form 6 (New Enrollment).

Form 6 application page on the top right side Language selection option will be appear Choose appropriate Language there will be 3 Languages available Hindi, English, Malayalam

Form 6 will be displayed on the screen in that starting of the page 2 options will be available select appropriate link First time user or due to shifting from another constituency.

Proceed to fill all the details given in the application form without any mistakes. Provide valid details in the given fields.

Upload supporting documents like Photograph, Age Proof and Residence certificate. Supporting documents should be in Supported formats .jpg,.png,.bmp,.jpeg.

Finally once again check all the information whatever you have provided at the end of page accept terms and conditions option will be appear, accept it and finally click on Submit Form.

In case you are unable to upload the documents below then the Booth Level Officer (BLO) who will come to your residence to verify the information, will collect both the documents from you so please keep these ready. The Booth Level Officer for your area shall visit you at the residence that you have given and will do the following:

  • Confirm that you actually reside at the address mentioned by you in Form-6.
  •  Verify your photograph with you in person.
  • Obtain your signature to the down loaded application of your application Form 6, (which the BLO will bring with him.)
  • Take the proof of residence from you ( in case you have not uploaded it)
  • Take the proof of age from you (in case you are between 18 and 21 years of age and have not uploaded it).

AP Voter List 2020 Search by Name Video in Telugu

CEO Andhra New Voter registration Offline Application Process – Fill a application form-6 to register offline

Applicants who are not well informed about online services shall need to proceed through offline process.

  1. Visit official website
  2. Download Form 6 form
  3. Fill all the details and Paste a Photograph in the application form

Attach all the required documents and then send the Form and documents by post to the VREC (Voters’ Registration and EPIC Centre) of your Assembly Constituency.

How to Apply for New Voter Registration through MeeSeva Center, AP Online and CSC Common Service Center

Applicants shall keep one Passport Size Photograph, Age Proof and Residential certificate documents before visiting to authorize centers of Mee Seva or CSC. Applicant shall Visit nearby Mee Seva center, they will provide you form, Fill the form and then submit form along with mentioned documents. After successful completion of registration process Application ID will be generated keep it safe for further use.

Mee Seva centers will take fee to process the application; there will take service charges for filling of application form. The Booth Level Officer for your area shall visit you at the residence that you have given and will do the following

  • Confirm that you actually reside at the address mentioned by you in Form-6. 
  • Verify your photograph with you in person.

What is the Process for Corrections in Voter ID Card

Once the online Form is submitted there is no provision for its correction online. Applicant has to submit Form-8 for desired corrections in his/her form, when BLO comes for physical verification. Form 8 is filled up for minor corrections like change of surname and if the new address lies in the same Part Number, both corrections can be done through Form 8. If the new address lies in the same AC but in a different Part Number, Form 8 A will have to be filled up for change in address.

How to Change Surname for Married Women in Voter Card in Andhra Pradesh

Married Women who want to change surname for those applicants prefer Form 8, Form 8 is for minor corrections like changing in Surname, address etc. Applicant need to submit valid id proof while changing any of the details in Voter ID card. As proof of residence she can submit a copy of her marriage certificate or copy of the marriage invitation card.

How to Change Address Details in Voter ID card (AP)

Already registered voters who changed the place or join in new house should need to change their address for that applicant need to submit form. There will be 2 types in changing the address those are same constituency applicant should need to apply Form 8A, and Changed to different constituency should need to apply Form 6.

New Residence is in Different Assembly Constituency

In case your new residence is in a different Assembly Constituency then you have to fill in Form 6. For this you can either fill it Online or give it personally or by post. The only document that you are required to submit is the proof of your new residence such as electricity bill etc. No other document is required to be submitted by you.

New Residency is in Same Assembly Constituency

In case your new residence is in the same Assembly Constituency then you have to fill Form 8A. For this you can either fill it Online or give it personally or by post. The only document that you are required to attach is proof of your new residence such as electricity bill etc. You are not required to submit any other document.

Majorly there will be 3 forms useful in EPIC. Those are Form 6, Form 8, and Form 8A. The basic requirements of the forms will be described below.

Form 6: Form 6 is applicable for new applicants and the applicants who are shifted from one Constituency to other constituency.

Form 8: Form 8 is useful for changing of Particulars in Voter ID card

Form 8A: Application for transposition of entry in electoral roll (in case of Shifting from One Place of Residence to Another Place of Residence within Same Constituency)

Andhra Pradesh Voter id card application form 2020 Download for Free

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AP Voter Registration Last date 2020 in AP

  • March 2020

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