Bharat Gas New Connection Online Booking 2024

Bharat Gas LPG New Connection Online Booking 2024 at (or)

This is the Online Procedure to Apply for Bharat Gas New Connection: Indian country has a lot of resources, gas being one of them. The citizens benefit from the resource where by the government ensures they receive at a fair price. Bharat gas is one of the subsidy from the Bharat petroleum corporation limited (BPCL). Being a government project the gas has served widely and has a lot of consumers.

Bharat Gas New Connection Online Booking

BPCL which is a certified company was launched and has being supplying gas since 1950’s. Formerly the Bharat gas was known as the Navratna certified company but the company was under a famous company of Burmah shell. Bharat gas has beaten the odd and is among the first three gas suppliers.

The Bharath gas has an affordable price and caters for the average citizen. It has proper ways of educating the uses by giving clear instruction. The cylinders are well formed and closed tight to prevent any leakages. The company has earn trust by their nice services where they do home delivery no matter the distance.

The gas company has over 4000 distribution point which have transportation services. They take any complain positively to ensure you get the best. The gas has online services and citizens can book the gas for quick delivery.

What Are the Services Provided by the Bharat Gas Services?

The gas has various services like:

  • Industrial gas: the gas has industrial uses in most cases the manufacturing companies go for the Bharat gas. The do glass making, steel making, pharmaceutical research and many other. Big companies need the gas to complete their business, institutions too cook using the gas.
  • Home use: Bharat gas has become the love of many households in the country. Many home go for this gas as it is affordable and readily available. The agents ensure they deliver on time.
  • Auto gas: it used by the CNG clients for driving their vehicles.
  • Pipe gas: The Company is trying to distribute the gas using the piping method. This will reach more citizen at a much cheaper and hassle-free way.

Individuals who need the gas delivered to their house have to register themselves with the company. Use the online method and register following simple procedures. The offline method still eligible where you visit the gas agent for registration. The Bharat gas and the other leading gas providers have set rules and regulation which the citizens have to follow strictly.

Documents Required for Bharat Gas New Connection

ID proof:

  • Copies of your driving license
  • Passport
  • Voters Id.
  • PAN card.

Address Proof:

  • Voter Id
  • Electricity bill
  • Rent agreement
  • Telephone bill.
  1. Carry the employers certificate
  2. Ration card
  3. Aadhaar card.

How to Book Bharat Gas Online at

  1. Navigate the official website:
  2. Existing applicants will give their credentials, for the new users you need to give your personal details and have the above listed documents.
  3. You can still use the IVRS service by: sending a SMS using the registered mobile number.

Bharat Gas New Connection Booking Process:

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. On the menu bar go to the new user
Bharat Gas New Connection Online Booking
  1. Fill your registered mobile number with Bharat gas and consumer name.
  1. If you have not registered with the Bharat gas, download the form from the same site and fill all the details and then submit.
  1. You will receive message on the registered number. Details about how to sign in will be sent.
  2. Now login using the information and go to MY LPG tab.
  3. Here there different options like:
  • Register
  • Register for LPG subsidy
  1. Fill the delivery data by giving the place of residence, date and time.
  2. The providers will give you a confirmation message about the order you place.

Bharath Gas Booking 2024 Process using an SMS

The services is there for the customers only. Follow the procedure below.

  • For the first users they need to visit the Bharat distributor near them and register the number with the agent. Fill the form either online or offline.
  • When registered one needs to send an SMS: LPG to 7715012345 (or) 7718012345.
  • You will receive an SMS from the provider to notify you about the booking whether it’s acceptable or not.
  • The cash receipt will be given when the delivery is done.

How to Book Bharat Gas Using IVRS Number

The system is very convenient and is available throughout. The system first confirms the number before accepting the request. This will help avoid the mistakes of wrong booking or wrong numbers entered. The order is sent direct and the delivery done within the said time plus no extra charges.

  1. You need to be registered with Bharat gas provides to access any service.
  2. If not download the form or visit the Bharat gas agent for registration.
  3. You will receive an SMS on the registered number or a call which is a bit rare.
  4. After the registration process you will call he IVRS number of the state or town you live in. Here you will book the gas according to the time and date which suits you best.

Bharat Gas APP Download

  • Apple Users Bharat gas app download link:
  • Android Users can download through this link :

Book You Bharat Gas using the Mobile APP

This is for applicants with Android or IOS or smart phone to book the gas online. Install the Bharat gas app by downloading and then activate it.

Activation Process

  1. Key the distribution code
  2. Consumer number.
  3. Mobile number.
  4. Submit the details after rechecking.
  5. The system will send you a confirmation detail. Enter the code to active the app.
  6. In this app you need a security code which is secret. It will act as the password.
  7. Now book your gas the app will give the reference number and other important details.
  8. You can still check the status of the booking using the same app.

How to Book Bharat gas through dealer (offline).

  • Go to the Bharat gas agent near you or where you registered.
  • Give the dealer your consumer number, name and the address.
  • The booking will be written down for proper recording.
  • The agent will give the user will receive reference number.

Rules for Bharat LPG connection transfer.

This where the user wants to leave the town or the state, they have to contact their distributor. The agent will assist the user to register at the new place he/she is shifting to.

  • Bring with you the original subscription voucher to get the customer service voucher.
  • When you shift look for a new distributor and give the customer and subscription voucher.
  • They will give you a new subscription voucher.
  • The amazing part is you don’t need to give the cylinder back or regulator.

Rules and the guidelines for the users who want transfer

  1. You have to inform the former or current distributor of you shitting to new place. This will help you get the termination voucher and also get the customer service which you use at the new agent joint.
  2. With the rules and regulation of the Bharat gas you can ask for the reimbursement when you take the old subscription voucher.
  3. When you give the details the current dealer will get you a new dealer. You have to carry all the documents and present them to new agent.

Bharat Gas Subsidy Check Status Online

 This a government scheme where the user or applicant will get subsidy on the gas they buy. It helps low income families and help them spend less on gas.

  1. Have a bank account so as to join the government LPG subsidy scheme for the Bharat gas.
  2. The consumer will receive one time advance which is before they purchase the LPG gas cylinder.
  3. The subsidy is given to eligible clients.
  4. In the year 2014-2015 the government started issuing the gas cylinder.
  5. Those with Aadhaar card will go with the first option and those without to go with the 2 option.

Option 1

  • Using the form 1 link you Aadhaar card with bank account.
  • After this connect your Aadhaar number and gas customer number by: taking the form 2 to the gas provider.

Or by calling the gas dealer through the customer help line: 1800-2333-555 and register you Aadhaar number.

  • Visit the online website page: the follow the steps provided.
  • You can also send via post by just filling the form 2 and also give the necessary documents.
  • Use the IVRS and SMS method.

Option 2

  • Provide the bank account details like the number or code.
  • Not all banks accept this kind of method and the user needs to go for banks accepting the procedures.
  • Now submit the form 4 to the gas distributor.
  • You can also go to the official website.
  • Don’t forget your 17 digit consumer number.

Importance of the Bharat Gas

The gas has come in handy to help the Indian citizens in the following ways.

  1. They don’t have to use coal or kerosene.
  2. The gas has eased the cooking or household chores.
  3. The government benefits since the forests will be reserved.
  4. There are no air pollutions
  5. It works fast thus easing all the work.

Advantages of Using the Bharat GAS

  • Free delivery to your home.
  • They teach you on the cautions to take.
  • They have free toll number in case of anything.
  • Bharath gas are distributed all over the country making easy to get in touch or to refill.

In conclusion the gas helps both the households and companies. They use it for vehicles, schools and other big institutions. The gas doesn’t have complicated way to register and the applicant can do it online. User don’t have to worry if they move from one area to new place since the dealers are fairly distributed over the whole country.

The government has really achieved its goal by ensuring 70% of the households are using gas instead of other fuels. This helps conserve the environment and also ease the cooking job and other work using the gas. The gas is highly recommend as is safe to the environment plus the company is well recognized. The government will continue giving subsidies ensuring all homes get this important Bharat gas commodity.

Bharat Gas Customer Care Toll Free Number

Bharat Gas IVRS online LPG booking Number:

  • Customer care number of Bharath Gas: 1800-22-4344
  • Gas industry helpline number: 155233

NOTE: We are not responsible for any type of mistakes in given above content. For more information about bharat lpg gas visit official website

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