TSGLI Annual Account Slips Download 2024 Missing Credits Form PDF

TSGLI bonds download, policy details search, policy number search, status  checking, missing and avoidance of credits and procedure to download certificates regarding Life insurance.

Telangana TSGLI Annual Account Slips Download 2024

Procedure to get your Annual Account Slip: Employees can also get their annual account slip in the following procedure. It helps them to know the details of your account.

  • Open the link tsgli.telangana.gov.in/annualreport.aspx
tsgli official website
  • Enter your policy number.
  • Enter the financial year of which you want the account slip.
  • Enter the number displayed in the image beside the column.
  1. Select “View Report” option.

What are Missing credits and how to avoid or clear TSGLI missing credits?

Telangana TSGLI Missing Credits will be formed, when the policy number quoted in the schedules is wrong. Every employee should verify their policy number in the schedule with reference to the policy bonds already issued for them. Since if wrong policy numbers are posted, premium is not posted to the individual accounts then missing credits will arise.

  • Policy numbers are recorded in the Service Register of employees.
  • Policy numbers are recorded in the schedule once in year, they are not changed every month.
  • So employee had to check his or her policy number atleast once in a year.
  • The Drawing officers may send the concerned staff to go to the respective District Insurance Office to update the premiums in case of any missing credits.
  • This avoids missing credits.

TSGLI Missing Credits 2024

Clearance of Missing Credits in TSGLI: Step by Step Clear and Avoid policy missing credits?

To clear the missing credits, the subscriber had to submit the places of posting with the deduction  details such as month, amount of premium or loan instalment, token number or voucher number, Amount of TSGLI schedule attested by DDO.

If it is Challan remittance, subscriber has to submit places of posting with the deduction details like month, amount of premium or loan instalment, challan number, challan amount and date attested by DDO, full details of policy number and names of employees.

By using these process you can easily know the TSGLI bond details, Policy Bond number, Annual account slips, Status of your policy bonds, avoidance of missing credits etc.

How to Download TSGLI form PDF (or) Certificate Regarding Life Insurance Scheme?

No need of going to Government offices for any required application form or certificates. You can easily download those forms from the website as shown below. The following certificates or forms can be downloaded:

  • Good Health Certificate
  • Guardianship Declaration certificate
  • Non-Avialment of Medical leave certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Nomination form
  • Loan application form
  • Refund form
  • Department Information form
  • Declaration regarding loss of policy
  • Affidavit
  • Indemnity Bond
  • GO copy for Enhancement of premium upto 20%

How to Download TSGLI Application Forms?

Procedure to Download the TSGLI forms PDF:

  1. Open the official website of Telangana TSGLI http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/Downloads.aspx.
  2. Select “Downloads” option from the top of the homepage.
  3. Select the link you required.
  4. It makes you to get a downloaded file of the link you selected in PDF Format.

These files can be seen using Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You can also install that software by selecting the link given at the bottom of the Downloads page. Downloading time is based on speed of your network connection.

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