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Best of Dainik Jagran Newspaper 2023 : Jagran e-paper PDF Download step by step process given below. Epaper dainik jagran at https://epaper.jagran.com/epaper/

Dainik Jagran

Newspaper reading is a rare phenomenon for many young people globally. The upcoming generation prefers digital systems like online streaming, live chats, and social media channels. This has diminished the reading culture leaving magazines and Newspapers to the older generation. However, this hasn’t stopped the production of daily newspapers as some people are interested in reading.

To raise a reading generation and make every page interesting, Newspaper providers have developed advanced papers, namely e-papers. The newspapers are available through mobile phones or computer devices. This allows readers to explore various news and aspects using the smart device anytime. India’s Dainik Jagran e-paper is one of its kind; the Hindi paper gets thousands of views and downloads due to its rich content.

Dainik Jagran Epaper

Dainik Jagran’s epaper is designed for educational purposes, giving students a chance to explore various educative contents. Readers can avail different information like IAS, PCS, UPSC, SSC, Bank, Railway, police, Army, and government examinations. However, it’s not limited to the education sector but is also open to other matters. It’s pretty informative and provides user with details on coming examinations, jobs, and school/college-related data. Students or eligible readers can enjoy Dainik Jagran epaper on their mobile phone anywhere without need to carry a physical copy.

About Dainik Jagran’s origin

Dainik Jagran newspaper dates back in 1942 as an establishment by Jagran Prakashan Limited (owner) and Shri Puran Chandra Gupta (founder). Is started as broadsheet and has evolve to online epaper. Jagran paper holds a remarkable history as it come through during freedom struggles. This year (1942) India was fighting to receive freedom from British slavery. The founder launched the paper with the aim to help reflect the free voice of Indian people. It was first edited in Jhansi and later (1947) moved to Kanpur.

Available news on Dainik Jagran Newspaper

The Hindi-based epaper provides users with comprehensive news. One can various government news, local and international coverage and exam-related news. Readers can experience the following details:

  • Politics
  • Education
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Lifestyle
  • Cricket
  • National and international news
  • Country’s economy

Indian residents can access unbiased information through the paper. Dainik offers daily and weekly editions. Readers can get information on current issues like yatra, jhankar, josh and more. Students seeking to thrive in exams and careers, should utilize the Dainik epaper for better results. The paper provide exam preparation sections, results, jobs, information on admissions, application fee and education qualifications.

To access multiple contents from Dainik Jagran epaper, the user should the link https://epaper.jagran.com/epaper/ or www.jagran.com or the email jagrancorp@jagran.com

How to Download Dainik Jagran Epaper

Steps to download Dainik Jagran epaper

To get your daily, weekly or monthly newspaper, one can download the document using the steps below.

  • Open the official Dainik Jagran website portal link.
  • https://epaper.jagran.com/epaper/
  • Check the available list of epapers and select your preferred newspaper according to date.
  • Next, click the “download” button
  • The epaper will be sent on your device in PDF format.
  • The user can also read the epaper online on the pdf page.

Benefits of Dainik Jagran newspaper

  • It’s readily available on your smartphone or computer.
  • The user can download the paper for offline reading.
  • Dainik paper is available on all operating systems for easy access.
  • Its written in Hindi, which is common or mother language for many Indian residents
  • Students can avail educative programs and jobs from the epaper.


  1. How many papers can a reader download from the Dainik Jagran website?

    The paper doesn’t limit people from downloading their preferred number of epapers.

  2. What language does Dainik epaper use?

    Dainik Jagran paper is printed in Hindi language.

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