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LIC Login Online Page & Customer Login Process in LIC New Portal: Insurance companies come handy for many India citizens, getting the best and settling in different offered plans is tricky. However, the citizens should look no further LIC is the biggest and most popular insurance company in the country. The corporate comprises of more than 245 insurances companies each offering quality services.

LIC or life insurance corporation on India was officially formulated in the year 1956 September 1st. Being a government oriented deal. LIC entails all private insurance industries. The company holds a known value of asset at the estimation of 2, 529,390 crores. LIC though ancient it always comes up with special offers and plans which have benefited citizens in different ways.

LIC Login Procedure for new user at

LIC has a website portal where registered uses can access different information regarding the policies. New users aren’t left behind as they can register and login using their credentials as follows.

Registered user Login Procedure at

  • Navigate to the LIC website page:
  • On the homepage select the online service tab followed by customer portal.
  • A new page will appear showing LIC service page.
  • Now click on the registration for e-service which is located under “functionalities offered”
  • Here there two section for one to choose.

New user (LIC New Registration Process 2021)

  1. Since you’re a new user select the “new user” tab.
  2. Now enter all the required details especially personal information.
  3. The LIC plan and the policy number of the plan you pick on. The details should match of with the policy document information.
    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Policy number
    • Policy plan
    • Email address
    • Registered mobile number
  4. After providing the details now check the ox indicating “I confirm that the mobile number mention is registered under my name and in use”
  5. Now press the next button to proceed.
  6. You’re required to select a password and ID as your login details.
  7. The system will send a welcome message on your email where you are to confirm the registration.
  8. After this you can now login to your page by going to the e-services the “registered user”. Followed by the ID and password.
  9. From there you can access the following:
  10. Claim status
  11. Users can pay for the premiums online
  12. Change a nominee
  13. Policy status
  14. Complaints
  15. Loans
  16. Terms and conditions

Note registered policy holders can login to the website using the policy number of the policy plan.

Benefits of buying LIC Policy (Insurance Plans)

  • The leading company in the country:

Applicants will feel safe and assured of the best policies from the company. It has been to existence over a period of 60 years gaining enough trust from the citizens.

  • Variety of plans:

LIC has formulated a lot of plans which cater for all classes of people. The plans are paid in different installments. Plans also cater for different needs and goes for variety of years according to the terms given by the company.

  • The claim procedure is simplified.

LIC ensures to simplify the process due to the different clusters. It has the easiest claim procedures and settles all claims thus earning high positions compared to other companies.

  • Application process

LIC offers simple procedures in insurance application. It well advanced using the digital process. users can apply online or just visit the company’s offices.

  • Trusted company

Due to the best services LIC has gain numbers, the company caters for all consumers needs without discrimination of the state or background. This making clients gain more trust and buying the policies which are well honored by the company.

Types of LIC insurance plans

Life insurance corporation on India comes up with different plans which suit citizens according to their needs. Below are special plans as follows:

LIC’s Jeevan Pragati

Jeevan Pragati is a non-linked plan which is specially formulated to increase it risk cover automatically after a duration of 5 years. Actually the plan acts as a retirement plans where it suits best as retirement collection. The plan has accident cover and stands as an endowment plan comprising of benefits of saving and financial protection policy of the users.

Detail about the Jeevan Pragati

  • Age

The plan caters for ages 12 to 45 years for both genders.

  • Plan period

LIC offers the plans for a period of 12years to 20 years.

  • Benefits in case of death

Insurance holder mightn’t make it for the given period, nonetheless the company requires one to have a nominee at the time of registration.  The nominee will receive the given sum by the company and also get certain bonus which can be ten times the total premium.

  • Maturity benefits

When one gets to the maturity of the policy the company has different benefits for the plan holder. They receive a bonus plus a reversionary bonus. This covers the whole term giving the agreed amount. However, the minimum amount one can get is RS 1,50,000. Maturity age is taken to a maximum age of 65 years. the best part about the maturity amount it’s never taxed according to the clause 10(10D).

  • Tax benefits

Tax is relieved for the premium paid this supported by the clause 80 C.

  • Loan facility

Loan applies to users who have been to the policy for three years and beyond.

The policy also caters for the riders and covers them for accidents and death and further on disability.

LIC’s Single Premium Endowment Plan

Here one is required to pay the full amount at once, the plan has other benefits and bonus throughout the given tenure.

Details about the Single premium endowment plan

  • Age

This plans holds users of the least age of 90 days and goes to the maximum age of 65 years.

  • Sum assured

The amount agreed can be paid when the policy time is done or when the policy holder dies. The plan has different bonus which are included at the disbursal time.

  • Loan

This gives policy holder’s loans after one years of application.

  • Surrender value

Applicants can only get 70% of the amount if surrendered within 12 months and 90% from the second year and beyond.

  • Tax benefits

The premium is tax free given under the section 80 C and maturity amount under the section 10(10D).

  • Maturity age of the plan

The policy has a specified policy maturity which is from age 18 years to 75 years.

LIC’s New Jeevan Anand

This plan takes up two section of the life plan and endowment policy. The plan has various benefits and details which match the above plans too.

  • Maturity

The plan has no specific plan maturity; it continues after the maturity duration.

  • Tax benefits

The plan is tax free with the section 80 C and 10 (D) support the benefits.

  • Age

The plan is suitable for ages 18 to 50 years of age.

  • Grace period

A unique plan which offers grace period for the applicants, this being 30 days.

It also benefits the riders who are compensated for accidents, death and disability.

This are just a few to mention as the company has the full list of policies as follows:

  • LIC Jeevan Lakshya
  • LIC Bima Diamond
  • LIC New money back plan
  • LIC NEW BimaBachat
  • LIC New children’s money back plan
  • LIC Jeevan Tarun
  • LIC Amulya Jeevan 2
  • LIC bhagya Lakshmi plan

The above plans have different maturity and entry age according to the plan. The company giving details of each though their website page.

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