Athi Varadar Darshan Tickets 2019-2020 Online Booking

How to Book Athi Varadar Special Darshan Tickets Online?

Kanchipuram Athi Varadaraja swamy Special Darshan tickets online booking procedure: To make fast darshan convenient for at least some pilgrims, Devasthanam Committee is releasing 2000 tickets per day for the pilgrims. These tickets are to make devotees to get special darshan of Arulmigu Perumal. The following are the instructions for booking special darshan tickets. Athi Varadar Donor Passes | VIP Pass | NRI Pass | Darshan Procedure full procedure given below.

Athi Varadar in Water Images

Sri Athi Varadar Swamy goes into Ananta Sarovar (pushkarini) today (18.09.2019). After 40 years we can have next darshan of IDOL made with athi tree.

Athi Varadar Darshan Today Live Crowd Status (16.08.2019). Darshan Closed

Free DarshanDarshan Closed
50 rs Darshan TicketDarshan Closed
300 rs Darshan TicketDarshan Closed
Rs.500 Sahasranama Archana TicketDarshan Closed
Donor Passes, VIP Pass, NRI PassDarshan Closed

Important Notice: Athi varadar Darshan had been closed today (17.08.2019). For Darshan you have to wait for 40 Years. You can get Darshan in 2059

Procedure To Book Athi Varadar Special Darshan Tickets Online Step by Step (Rs. 300) at

You can easily book special darshan tickets very easily by following the instructions given below.

  • As a first step, Open any web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox etc. In the search bar, enter this website URL (or) Open this link directly
  • It opens the official website of tnhrce (Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department).
athi varadar darshan online booking website link
  • Select English language visible at top right corner of the home page, if you want the text in English.
  • In the home page, you will find “Special darshan Online Booking” with red color.
  • Choose your Darshan Booking date and time.
  • Darshan Time – 6:00 PM to 08.00 PM
  • Booking dates – Tickets are available all days.
  • There you can see number of booked tickets, number of tickets pending for payment verification and status (Available or Booking closed).
  • Check the status, if it is “AVAILABLE”, Select “BOOK” option.
  • Enter all the details like Name, Aadhar number, Age, Gender, Location, PIN code, Email ID, Phone number etc.
  • If you want to add another member, Tap ADD option. You can use it three times. Since you can book only 4 tickets at a time.
  • Enter Captcha code.
  • Select Submit button.
  • Complete Payment procedure by using Net banking, credit or debit cards.
  • Download your ticket.
  • Print it For future reference
  • You must carry athi vardar darshan ticket print hard copy along with original aadhar card proofs.
  • If you do not get download ticket option, you can download your e-ticket through e-payment option shown as below.

Athi Varadar Kanchipuram Temple Route Map

How to Get Athi Vardar Darshan for NRIs (Non-Resident Indian) ?

Info about darshan for NRIs at Varadaraja Perumal temple:

  • Not only people from all states in India, people all over the world are coming to visit Athi Varadararja swamy idol which can be seen only once in 40 years.
  • So NRI (Non-resident Indian and person of Indian origin) pilgrims interested for darshan and if they are not having any ID proof like Aadhar card from any of the Indian states, they should follow the below procedure.
  • Indians or natives from any other countries should show their passports for the security people at the temple entrance.
  • Then they will direct you in a separate queue specially reserved for NRIs.
  • You can go through that queue for special darshan.
  • For more information call +91 1800 425 8978 (Helpline Number’s) They will help you.

Kanchipuram Athi Varadar Temple Timings 2019 (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English)

Athi Varadar Darshan Timings 2019 – Kanchi Athi Varadar Festival 2019 (Standing Position)

How to Book Athi Varadar Sahasranama Archanai Darshan 2019 Online Booking?

Kanchipuram Athi Varadaraja Perumal Darshan Tickets 2019 online booking

Athi Varadaraja Perumal Sahasranama Archana Ticket online Booking

Arulmigu Devaraja swamy temple is situated at eastern corner of Kanchipuram. The pilgrims interested in participating Sahasranama archana seva can book tickets through online in the following procedure. Since the entire procedure was made online, it became easy procedure to book tickets from home.

Step by Step Athi Varadar Darshan 2019 Rs.500/- Tickets Online Booking Process:

  1. Open the official website ( tnhrce: Tamil Nadu Hindu religious and Charitable Endowments Department)
  2. Or directly you can open this link
  3. When you open the above link, you will get a home page of Athi varadaraja swamy temple official website.
  4. In that you will find an option highlighted in red color with the name (Shri Athi Varathar Festival 2019 – Sahasranama archanai Online booking).
  5. Open that link.
  6. You will find the Darshan date, Darshan time (06.30 A.M (or) 5 P.M.), booked tickets and book option.
  7. Select BOOK option. It will display application columns and available tickets.
  8. Enter all your details like State, District, name, Aadhar number, Gender, Age, Door No., Location, Village or town or city name, PIN code or ZIP code, Email, Mobile No, Amount (Rs.500.00/-), captcha given below the column.
  9. Tap Submit button.
  10. Continue the Payment process.
  11. Book your ticket by completing the process. You will get an ID or token number. Take hardcopy printout of it while going for darshan.

Kanchipuram Athi Varadar Temple Toll Free Contact Phone Number

  • 18004258978

How to Book Athi Varadar Special Darshan Online ticket booking (Video in Telugu)

Athi Varadaraja Swamy Free Darshan Timings 2019

Darshan SessionDarshan Timings
Morning05.00 A.M to 12:30 P.m
Evening01:30 P.M to 08.30 P.M

Instructions for Pilgrims:

  • Only limited tickets are available for Sahasranama archanai. Its approximately 500 tickets.
  • You can book only 4 Tickets at a time.
  • Children Below twelve years age don’t need a ticket for darshan.
  • Pilgrims who are interested should hurry to book their tickets. Because ticket booking will be closed within 2 hours after released.

Kanchi Athi Varadar Sahasranama archana Darshan Online Booking Time

  • Total tickets was available per day 500.
  • Tickets are released daily at 10:00 A.M.
  • Tickets are released 4 days before the date of darshan
  • Archanai Tickets can’t be booked for Saturday & Sunday
  • When there are no tickets available, it shows that tickets are closed for so and so date.
  • Only Sahasranama archana seva is done in two sessions every day. (Morning 06.30 A.M)
Athi varadar darshan tickets 2019 online booking Website

Complete exponent on darshan of Sri Atthi Varadaraja Swamy temple at Kanchipuram:

People of India and many people all over the world know about the very ancient temple located at the holy city Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu State. Every year lakh of people visit Kanchipuram to get the darshan of Kamakshi Amman and Ekamabareswarar. Along with the main diety temples, there are a number of divya desams at Kanchipuram. It is to be said that there are 108 divya desams (temples) of Lord Maha Vishnu visited by 12 poet saints (Alwars).

So Kanchi had became one of the famous temples in Tamilnadu state. This city is also called as Vishnu Kanchi because it is a land of many vishnu temples. Also this temple became very famous, as it is believed that one of the important Hindu scholars of Vasishta Advaita Philosophy, the great Ramanujan resided at this temple years ago. He great Ramanujan resided at this temple years ago. Among 108 divya desams, Sri Atthi Varadaraja perumal temple is one of the sacred places of Vaishnavas. It is popularly known as Perumal Koil (Perumal Temple).

Legend of Varadaraja Swamy temple, kanchipuram:

The Atthi Varadaraja swamy temple is constructed hundreds of years ago by the Pallava king Nandivarman II. Again it was expanded by kings of various dynasties like Chola, Pandya, Kakatiya, Hoysala, Vijayanagara etc There are a number of changes made from that time to this time. The temple is designed with lofty towers, lengthy walls by using a great architecture. Its archtectonic beauty make pilgrims to get an aesthetic and devotional sense in their minds.

Instead the name of Varadaraja swamy temple, people are most familiar with the name temple of gold and silver lizards. As it is said like that because, when we enter into that temple, pilgrims can see the shapes of gold and silver lizards. There is a belief that, people who touch those lizards will become free from the delinquencies, chronic diseases, sins etc.

Story OF The Gold and Silver Lizards:

Once sage Gautama worshipped the place, at that time while his two disciples offering water for the sage in pooja pots, a lizard fallen in the pot. By seeing that sage Gautama cursed disciples to become lizards. Later they were relieved from the curse by the grace of Maha Vishnu. Their replicas were left on the roof of the temple.

History of the Idol Atthi Varadaraja swamy:

Kanchipuram city, Tamil nadu (TN) state can be called as a place of salvation among southern states. As it contains more than 1000 temples. Of all these temples Sri Atthi Varadaraja swamy temple is one among 108 Divya tirupatis. This temple is most popular because, there is a story behind the idol of this temple. The story is, while our creator Lord Brahma is doing yagna, he ordered Vishwakarma to make an idol of Varadaraya from the trunk of sacred Atthi tree (Fig tree). At that time, that idol was consecrated. From centuries that idol was worshipped by Ramanujaacharya, Vedanta Desikan and many other great scholars, devotees.

But some years ago, while some turushkas are trying to invade all hindu temples, saints of the time decided to save the idol. So they kept the idol in a silver box and placed that box in Aanada Pushkarini, beside the Neerali pavilion (mantapam). After the invasion, because of some reasons the idol is not placed in the Garbhalayam. A new idol was placed instead of that old holy idol.

But for every 40 years that, idol will be taken from the pond and pooja will be done for 48 days. At that time, number of devotees come to Kanchipuram to worship the Lord Atthi Varadaraja Swamy, Incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Darshan of Ancient Idol of Varadaraja swamy:

After taking the idol from the pond, there is opportunity to worship the idol for 48 days from the day it was taken out. First 38 days, the idol will be kept in sleeping posture (Sayana Bhangima) and remaining 10 days, the idol is placed in standing posture (Sthanika Bhangima).

Darshan details:

  • Previous Darshan: The idol was worshipped in 1979 before 40 years:
  • Present Darshan: Now its time for us to worship the idol i.e., 2019.
  • Darshan period: July 1, 2019 to August 17, 2019
  • Darshan Timings: 05.00 A.M to 09:00 P.M.

Other Darshan Facilities:

There is Rs. 50 ticket available for fast darshan.
Rs. 500 ticket for Sahasranama Archana & Rs. 300 Special darshan ticket for fast darshan (You have to book online).

How to Reach Kanchipuram?

Kanchipuram is well connected to all the major cities of India. One can reach that place through trains, buses, cars. The nearest route can be find from Chennai to Kanchipuram. It is 71km from Chennai.

  • By Train: It takes 2 to 3 hours of time by train. There is railway station at Kanchi.
  • By Bus: It may take 2 to 3 hours of time.
    By Flight: If you want to use airways, you must land at Chennai and go from there, as there is no airport at Kanchi
  • From the railway station or Bus station there are regular buses and autoes to reach the temple. People can easily reach the temple and the darshan of Kanchi Kamakshi Amman (One of the 18 Shaktipeet) and Ekambareswarar and Varadaraja Swamy temple.

How to Book Rooms Near Athi Varadar kanchipuram Temple online?

  • Pilgrims those who want to reside near the temple should search for other options to book rooms for accommodation. As there is no online room booking facility by using the temple official website (Athivarada Perumal at Kancheepuram temple) . You can book rooms using other websites like (oyo, goibibo, Makemytrip, Paytm ) or any hotel sites.
Kanchi Athi Varadar Temple Official Website 2020
Athi varadar Toll free number+91 18004258978

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  1. I think online we are unable to book and the last date till today shows as 10-July-2019 whereas it should be 14-July-2019. Checked at 10:00 am and still the same. I think they need to do it better or like TTD online where we can book accomodation and 300 rupees ticket immediately.

    • Yes…. Your correct. one of my relative got the VIP ticket near temple RS. 3500 from one of col……r ……. of……ic relented person great…..

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      • Yes online tickets are side by side booked by Unknown group of people with correct link. You can’t book morning ticket because link given is fake one and having errors. You can see available ticket but you can’t book it. In temple side there is good understanding between Travel Agents and Temple People and Police. They sell morning archana ticket to hindi speaking people only they don’t like to sell tamil local people because they find problem selling it to local people with high price. They sell single ticket for Rs 5000 to 10000. Top to Bottom corruption and every one getting their share so they shut their mouth.

  2. This Online booking is not at all working it says number of errors even submitting all details correctly. Only for Name sack they said online booking.
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    waste of time trying for online booking

    • Yes online tickets are side by side booked by Unknown group of people with correct link. You can’t book morning ticket because link given is fake one and having errors. You can see available ticket but you can’t book it. In temple side there is good understanding between Travel Agents and Temple People and Police. They sell morning archana ticket to hindi speaking people only they don’t like to sell tamil local people because they find problem selling it to local people with high price. They sell single ticket for Rs 5000 to 10000. Top to Bottom corruption and every one getting their share so they shut their mouth.

  3. Useful website. As a senior citizen spouse post Heart Surgery, is there a way to obtain Rs.500/- ticket for 17/7/2019
    at 7p.m. please help and advise.

    Thank you,
    Dr.Meenakshi Nadarajan

    • For senior citizens there is separate que it will take only 15 mins for Dharshan. Take ur identity card and inform the security near the east entrance. Don’t stand in que just go directly there. If difficult to walk they will take u with battery car.

  4. Can one person book for his family members say 4 or 5 on line in his name. For aged and difficult to
    move persons, is there any providence of wheel chairs ? How to advance book the wheel chairs ?

  5. Website opened today but it’s not working. From first day we are trying for tickets. It’s not booking please do needful kind

    • Sometimes website my not work due to heavy traffic. So please have patience and get your darshan ticket. Happy darshan

      • God is for everyone, as for me paying so much to fly to Kanchi from Malaysia and temple admin clearly did not work on a counter and line for Indian’s from other countries. We need to wait for ticket which the online only provides minimum slots. Even for local crowd that is not enough how we as foreigner going to make to worship Lord? Kindly also think of other Indian around the World who is travelling hours and getting stuck in temple.

  6. Hi, i found the booking page. but i dont have aadhar card number as i am from Malaysia.

    So how to do the booking?

    Thank you.

    • Really i am very sorry. We dont have any information about that. But as like u so many NRI’s are coming for athi varadar darshan. May be they will help you call Hindu Religious Charitable Endowments Department Phone Number : +91 044 – 28334811,12,13

  7. This is to inform that to contol the overwhelming crowd (at Athi Varadhar Temple) other than expenected,
    We can increase the number of online bookings as TTD and arrange for the alternate queues.. This will be additional revenue to the temple. Free Darshan should be avaiabe there. Local pass should be stopped as the visitors are using multiple times. There should be separate queue for Sr. Citizens, Physically Challenged, Pregnant Women

    There should be time slots for each and every queues

    Free Darshan
    Rs.300/- Darshan
    Rs.500/- Sahasraname Archanai & Darshan

    Whether Temple Authorities/District Collector will look into this and do the needful for people to worship the Lord with more comfortable.

  8. Because the helder 75 years old they are very serious patient they want to see athi vardhar in non rush in VIP darshan

  9. Hi.. Im from Malaysia and we are going to visit with our kids. I manage to open the online booking page but i cant manage to book ticket cos there is no option for country and passport. Please assist us with this issue as we are going to be there with our 3 years old and 7month old kids. Thank you

  10. They can open the door to see the Swami 24 hours. Anyway, After this, Swami will be going to stay in water. So they can open the door to see 24 hours per day.

  11. Hi, While booking online ticket, it has shown token mismatch error. What does it mean? We tried many times to book for Rs.500, it is unsuccessful. Is there real online booking or just eye wash?

    • You are correct.
      Today I tried to book @10.00 a m.
      But the site opened only at 10.05 a m
      At very next second showed booking for 5.30 closed.250 tickets sold ?
      After 5 minutes it showed as only 2 seats available. Each time my attempt ended with sorry remarks.( try after some time )
      I can’t go tp payment page.
      Realy cheating.

  12. coming from tour & resides at kanchipuram.How to reach my house at kanchi .i am a senior citizen & coming back with luggages from air port

  13. Vanakkam Sir!
    Please guide how to book the special darshan ticket or Sahasranama Archanai ticket on line without Adhar Card for those who travel from foreign countries (NRI) as do not have Adhar card. Is there any other website through which we can book the tickets, using PAN Card or passports? Kindly guide us as soon as possible.

    P. R.Hariharan

  14. Request to the Temple Authorities/District Collector,

    Rs.300/- Darshan
    Rs.500/- Sahasraname Archanai & Darshan
    Please introduce to book online tickets using passports for NRI as they do not have adar card and allow in a seperate line as they travel specially for Athi Varadar Darshan.
    Please Please ……look into this matter and do the needful for people to worship the Lord comfortably.

  15. is there seperate queue lines for 500 , 300 , and free darshan are they merge in between any where we are going in 300 queue if any body knows that please let me inform about this and what is crowd position and risk in the queue line

  16. Namaste,where do we get on the spot sahaara naman ticket for attivaradar darshan.please guide .Thanks.


    • Ticket Cancellation was not possible. Lakhs of people are trying to get ticket but only Lucky persons can get tickets. Why you are going to cancel ??

  18. Hello Sir,
    My parents are 61 years (Father) and 60 years (Mother) who are senior citizen. Is it possible for them to join the senior citizen queue to see the god?

    I am a NRI but i have a addhar card , is there any special queue for the NRI people who travel long distance just to see the god?

  19. Sir I would like to know about the VIP darshan details. We have a chance to get vip letter from a member of Parliament from Telangana. On this letter to whom to address. And what is the process. Can a letter from MLA of telangana is accept to get vip pass.

  20. It is a TOTALLY CHAOTIC, UN-SYSTEMATIC WAY in which the Government has been handling this mega event. Right from the time you start booking the tikets online, the website does not allow you to even enter the required details and by that time the tickets are over. It is a thoroughly frustrating, sad and chaotic management from Tamil Nadu Government esp on the part of the temple administration. The collector should be dismissed and sacked forth with

  21. Dear Sir/madam

    I will be visiting the Athi Varadar on the 12th Aug, 2019 but am trying to book the online for Rs. 500. can you advise me how to obtain the ticket as I am from Malaysia (Group of 3) . My brother is a heart patient he needs to be accompanied. We know there is special queue are we allowed to accompany him.


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