Uttarakhand Road Tax Payment 2020, Online Calculator at Parivahan.gov.in

Uttarakhand Road Tax Online Payment, Calculator 2020 at parivahan.gov.in, https://transport.uk.gov.in/

A road tax is a legal and compulsory tax imposed in India. The 29 states and union territories have different terms of taxing their vehicles.  Citizens pay for road tax when they use public utilities. The tax rates of the state will determine how much one pays for the tax. The tax is paid by the vehicle owner during the vehicle registration process.

Uttarakhand Road Tax - Applicability & Rates 2020

Uttarakhand State Pay your Motor Vehicle Tax Online 2020

The regional transport office has the authority to register vehicles in the state. Focusing on Uttarakhand a developed and beautiful state in India. It has a strong state government which runs the state activities. Taxes are managed by the income tax revenue department. The road tax is among the taxes paid by drivers/vehicle owners in Uttarakhand.

About the Uttarakhand vehicle taxation Act  

Every state has a taxation Act governing the tax department. The Uttarakhand transport department has the authority of Vehicle road tax collection. The vehicle owners can pay their road tax annually or onetime tax. The department offers a legal process for vehicle owners to fill declaration forms. Here they enter the vehicle details, purpose at the state.  The document should be updated in case of vehicle selling.

How to Calculate Uttarakhand Road tax?

Transport department and the revenue authority, consider a lot of facts before imposing the tax. Each vehicle has a different amount to pay according to the uses.

  • Type of vehicle

There are different types of vehicles in the state and country. Taking the two-wheelers and four-wheelers vehicles. Each paying a certain amount of tax.

  • Vehicle purpose

Vehicle buyers have different reasons for purchasing a motor vehicle. The authority checks on personal uses or transportation/public use.

  • The make and model
  • Seating capacity and engine

in public vehicles have more seating capacity, this a business vehicle. It uses more of the public spaces to park and work. This makes a difference in tax payments. The engine of vehicles determines tax payments in the state.

The Time Limit for Road Tax Payment

Tax payment has a legal duration where vehicle owners honor. Under section 4 of the taxation act, vehicle tax should be paid during the registration process.  The 1988 Act ensures tax is paid on the particular registration time. However, the old motor vehicle Act gave chances of paying before the 15th day of January every year. or pay in advance.

Tax Rates for private vehicles

No Type of vehicleOne time tax RS
1Motor vehicles price of up to Rs.10 lakhs6 percent of the cost of the car
2Vehicles above the RS.10 lakhs8 percent of the motor vehicles cost
  • The prices are exempted from the showroom cost and only include the manufacturing cost, excise duty, and taxes(VAT).
  • Vehicles using solar and electric power are exempted from tax. Those using ethanol mixed fuels will be taxed according to onetime tax.
  • New taxes will apply if a transfer happens from the former owner to new. If the vehicle owners die a 10 percent rate will apply on onetime tax for vehicle transfer.
No Description of vehiclesThe annual rate for old vehicles
2Vehicles whose weight is less than 1000kg1000
3Motor vehicles whose weight is past 1000 but less than 5000kg2000
4Motor vehicles with a weight exceeding the 5000 kg’s4000

Uttarakhand Road Tax Payment Online

Vehicle owners can deposit money easily through online methods. They don’t have to visit the transport department. Use the steps below for payment purposes.

  1. Go to the official Ministry of road transport and highways Uttarakhand ” https://parivahan.gov.in/parivahan
  2. On the homepage, enter the required details such as the registration number.
  3. Check for the option “pay your tax” service tab which is on the “online services” menu list.
  4. On the new page key in your mobile number to proceed to the next page.
  5. Continue and click on the generate OTP, the system will provide the OTP on the mobile number.
  6. Key in the OTP on the space provided.
  7. Proceed and click on the show details option to proceed.
  8. Now choose your preferred tax mode, yearly, lifetime, quarter or monthly from the menu list.
  9. After selecting the mode, now select the payment mode. Here there is online payment mode to choose from.
  10.  Confirm payment by clicking the confirm button and confirmation box will show on the screen/
  11. Check the information to continue, now select the payment gateway.
  12. Select the direct payment (SBIePAY) for all e-payment methods.
  13. Choose your bank from the list given then select the continue button.
  14. A new page with a bank list using SBIePAY will appear. Select the proceed button.
  15. The system will send a success message on the screen.
  16. Now click on the successful option to help generate a receipt.
  17. This happens after the bank status is approved and the transaction goes through.

Uttarakhand Tax Online Payment (e-Payment) Through HDFC Bank

  • https://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/pay/taxes/uttarakahand

The revenue department and Ministry of road. Have come up with a fine for vehicle owners who defile the tax law. A fine exceeding 500/- RS will be imposed on the vehicle owner. This goes further if the offense persists the person should pay a double tax of 1000/- RS or more according to the tax department.

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