AP High Court Case Status Check Online with Case Number at Aphc.gov.in

Check online case status of Andhra Pradesh High Court at https://aphc.gov.in/ (or) http://hc.ap.nic.in/ (or) http://tshcstatus.nic.in/csis_ap/

Hello friends! Its known to every one that High court of Andhra Pradesh is shifted from Hyderabad to Amaravati after AP Bifurcation. Now our government had introduced a new procedure to update the status of legal case at high court. This article gives you information about how to check Andhra Pradesh High Court Case Status Check Online with Case Number/ Name/ Lawyer Name etc… the status of legal case at High court of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravathi.

Amaravati AP High Court Case Status Search Online

Amaravati High Court Case Status Check Online
AP High Court Case Status Check Online at https://aphc.gov.in/

Andhra Pradesh High Court Case Status Online 2023

The candidates who had involved in disputes can resolve them by court or by any other legal process. That case may be a civil case or criminal case or family case or other. When a case is placed in court, it may take short or long duration of time based on the issue involved with that case. Its difficult to know the status every time by going to the court or concerned lawyer. But now government had made that process very easy by making it online.

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Article nameAndhra Pradesh High Court Case Status Information System
What is the use?To know the status of the legal cases pending at Andhra Pradesh High Court, Amaravati
Amravati high Court official website https://aphc.gov.in/ (or) https://hc.ap.nic.in/
AP High Court Case Status Portal 2023http://tshcstatus.nic.in/csis_ap/
Andhra Pradesh high court case status

How to Check Status of AP High Court Case Online?

Andhra Pradesh High Court (Judicial Complex) is the high court of Indian state, Andhra Pradesh. Its seat is situated at Amaravathi, the capital of Andhra Pradesh state. AP High Court Case Status Information System step by step Process:

  1. Open the official website of High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravathi “https://aphc.gov.in/”
  2. http://hc.ap.nic.in/ (or) http://tshcstatus.nic.in/csis_ap/
  3. In the home page You will find different sections like general Information, Profiles, Supreme Court of India, judgments, updates etc…
  4. Select Case Status Information in General Information section
  5. You will get a new page displayed with different columns like Registration number, Filing number, Advocate, Party Name, Lower court.
  6. Select the type of search you want to use Search types:
  7. If you want to search by Registration number, enter Case Type, Case Number, Case Year.
  8. You want to search by Filing number, enter Filing Case Type, Filing Number, Filing Year
  9. If you want to search by Advocate, Select Advocate code or Name or Mobile. Enter the details like Advocate code or name or mobile number, year.
  10. If you want search by party name, enter the details asked
  11. Also you can search by using Lower court, enter the details. Click on Submit button.
  12. You will get the court case status of your case whether it is pending or closed or postponed etc.
  13. If the details you entered are wrong, then you will get a note that No details found.
  14. After checking your case status
  15. You can also get a hard copy of that status, By selecting the Print option given below the status.

This procedure makes it very say to know the status of any type of case placed at high court of Andhra Pradesh. So people can use this process for accessing the information fastly.

For more information visit Andhra pradesh (AP) High Court Portal 2023 link https://hc.ap.nic.in/ (or) http://tshcstatus.nic.in/csis_ap/

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