MY Activity Google, Google History Delete all My Activity

A comprehensive way how to disable a google account. How to Completely Delete All Your Google Activity. How to Efficiently Manage Google Activity Controls. MY Activity Google, How To Download A Copy Of Your Google History.

MY Activity Google

Tech innovations run the world, providing simple tasks like traveling, remote learning, and acquiring crucial health details and general information. Developers have designed incredible digital apps such as google app, which holds multiple features like google play store, google drive, google activity, and many more. Google is designed to provide information and store your recent and past searches like IP addresses, ads, browsing data, YouTube videos, etc.

Google Activity

The Google activity is a section to view and manage activities like viewed websites and videos. However, the feature also allows the user to delete all or some of the information based on preference. This article contains simple steps to delete google activity completely.

MY Activity Google, Google History Delete all My Activity
MY Activity Google, Google History Delete all My Activity

Categories of Google Activity Store

  • Location History
  • Map history
  • Google search history
  • YouTube History
  • Device access for Android

How to Efficiently Manage Google Activity Controls

Google tends to preserve information searched over some time. The information can be threatening to one’s identity, causing security issues. The user can delete the google history and maintain a low profile.

Google activity holds any information entered through searching and browsing. To safeguard the data, the user can disable google activity controls, thus restricting google from storing any information. Managing google activity is accomplished in the following ways:

  • Navigate to your browsers and select the Activity controls option
  • Browse through the page and “put off” the data you don’t want google to save
  • Select the“pause” tab, and a popup window will appear on your screen to confirm the request.

Points to Consider Before Deleting Your Google Activity History

  • Once deleted, you cannot recover your history.
  • It’s possible to track google activities from some of your devices and app even though you are not logged in.
  • New activities will continue to be recorded after deleting your history.
  • You can opt to disable activity tracking or auto-delete the history tracked

How To Download A Copy Of Your Google History

Step by step to Download Google Search History

  1. Open the Google application on your device and proceed to the “account settings” section of your device.
  2. Tap the Data and privacy option on the left side of the page.
  3. Browse through until the download or delete your data option appears.
  4. Double-check your password
  5. Choose the data you want to download and select the next step button
  6. Select how, how often, and in what format you wish to receive your data.
  7. Click on the create an export option to receive your data.

How to Backup Google Activity

The chances of recovering your deleted history are minimal. Performing a backup is a good idea to keep the information you wish. Backing up your google activity may be done through:

  • Visit your google account management page. Click on Data and personalization.
  • Browse through and click on the Download your Data button.
  • Choose the services you want to back up.
  • Select the file type and the method of receiving the backup.

Google History Delete all My Activity

Guidelines on How to delete all my google activity

Deleting your search and browser history is applicable in the following ways:

  1. First, sign into your Google account
  2. Next, select the My Activity option
  3. Press the deleted activity button to proceed.
  4. Click on the filter by date and product and select all times to delete your information
  5. Choose items you want to delete and click next.
  6. Tap on the delete button and confirm.

How to Delete Specific Google Activity

  • Log into the My Activity page. You will view your recent activities there.
  • Click on the x button to delete the information that you want



  1. What are the dangers of deleting google activity history?

The information deleted may not be recovered.

  1. What is saved in the google activity?

Google activity stores information about the searches you have made, videos you have watched, and the website you have visited.

  1. What are the types of google activity stored?

The google activity stored are location history, map history, YouTube history, google search history, and device access history.

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