GARENA Free Fire Diamond – How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Quick Ways to Get Free Diamonds in GARENA Free Fire. GARENA Free Fire diamond: How to get free diamonds in Free Fire, Free Fire Max to buy exclusive items?

Garena Free Fire Diamond

The Garena Free Fire game developers have an incredible way of regularly introducing exclusive features in the game. Gamers get the privilege of buying costumes, vehicles, pets, characters, and weapons to enhance their game. Users require premium in-game currency to own new items from the site. The demand is real, as participants must incorporate the items to stand a chance on the battlefield.

There is a virtual currency that allows users to purchase any product online. However, most gamers use alternative ways to avail premium in-currency. Diamond is an exclusive solution in the Garena-free fire Max. The user needs to buy diamonds to access items. Diamonds are provided at a cost; the user must pay a particular amount to receive diamonds. There are multiple sites/people conducting the diamond business. To settle for genuine sites, developers have established several apps that offer diamonds at affordable prices.

GARENA Free Fire Diamond - How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire
GARENA Free Fire Diamond – How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

How to Attain Diamonds in the Free Fire?

Players must take various challenges and tasks to access diamonds in the free fire. Users can purchase multiple game items using diamond coins. It’s possible to change the coin for rewards like gold bars and weapons. Having the valuable commodity allows gamers to access unique items on the Max shop

Ways to Avail Free Diamonds in free fire and Free Fire Max

Free fire diamonds are easy to get through:

  • Redeem code
  • Booyah app
  • Poll pay app
  • Google opinion reward
  • Easy rewards

Players need to compete and set challenges and tasks to proceed with any of the options.

Free Fire Redeem Codes

Free fire and free fire Max players can redeem codes sent by Garena. Users can redeem the point using the steps below:

  • Visit the Free Fire Reward Redemption website on your device.
  • Once open, log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID.
  • Next, enter the redeem code and press confirm button to claim the rewards.
  • The system automatically adds a free fire redeem code to your account within 24 hours.

Redeem codes are valid for 24 hours only. The codes are designed to work on specific servers. For example, an Indian server cannot redeem codes from other regions.

Booyah! APP

Booyah! It is a new Garena establishment that helps with gaming content-sharing apps. Players can avail free diamonds through simple competitions and tasks. To the Booyah app, one should download and install the app on your device.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards are available to all gamers. The app allows users to access free diamonds by participating in various surveys. Every survey earns users Google play credits or iTunes gift cards. The rewards help users to purchase the diamonds in free fire max. The Free fire Max game is not available on the App store. This prohibits users from redeeming their iTunes gift card. To solve the challenge, users need to download the Google Opinion Rewards app on the App store or Google play store.

Poll Pay APP

To use the Poll pay app, a free fire gamer must complete some tasks and solves various puzzles. Once done, the system will reward (cash rewards) the user. The amount is sent to Google Play or iTunes gift cards. It’s challenging to access free fire Max/Free fire on iPhone devices. However, one can download the Poll pay app from IOS and Android devices.

Easy Rewards

The easy rewards app works similarly to the Google opinion rewards app. Users must participate in puzzles and surveys to get Google to play credits. The credit will help in accessing free fire diamonds. The Easy rewards app is available for Android users only.

How to Purchase Diamonds Using Google Play Credits

Steps to purchase diamonds using Google play credits

  • Get the free fire Max app on your device.
  • Select the diamond icon (+) on the screen.
  • The page will display the number of diamonds and their prices.
  • Choose the number of diamonds you wish to purchase.
  • A new page will open, opening the Google play store.
  • Enter the Google play store balance as the payment mode.
  • The user can add card details to complete the purchase.
  • Review the details and press the 1-tap buy button to complete the process.

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  1. Can I access Free fire diamonds on iPhone?

    No, the feature is not available on IOS devices.

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