APPSC OTPR One Time Registration 2020

APPSC One Time Profile Registration 2020 Process |AP OTPR Login, APPSC Registration Forms Edit One Time


Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission ONE TIME PROFILE REGISTRATION 2020 Process:

APPSC is an official Andhra Pradesh Public Service commission which was established early in the year 1956. It was formally given the name Andhra service commission that was in the year 1953. It is a result of the joining of Andhra Pradesh PSC.

What is APPSC One Time Profile Registration?

with the knowledge about the APPSC we now have the one-time registration which simplified by: candidates who are interested with getting jobs which emerge from the APPSC have to go through a one-time registration. This will now give you access to the government jobs. This process is easy and one doesn’t require to visit any branch but to use the official website:

the system will give a unique user ID which will be given through the registered mobile number. Using the ID one will apply for the APPSC jobs. This a better way to have young and middle AP citizen to achieve well-paying jobs without any corruption involved.

APPSC One Time Registration 2020 (OTPR)

The department has gone further to introduce a long term plan where young people can seek jobs. This department is named as APPSC one-time registration and gives users all details of how to go by in applying.  Here the candidates are sure to get stable job and also eradicated the unemployment issue in the state.

When one registers on the OTPR they receive daily or frequent updates on the new jobs or recruitment from the government. It a sure way of earning a decent job. Here we have the 2020 registration and recruitment. It believed that the APPSC is giving chances by displaying job vacancies in the portal. They have planned to have all categories which will suit the young and unemployed.

The key to getting the chances is to have the registration login details or the one-time registration.  After application one is required to submit the details. Note the registration is not done every time one needs to login but once registered you can access all the details.

APPSC One Time Registration 2020 Process

  • On the website page enter the name of the commission APPSC OTPR.
  • The classification of the registration is one-time registration.
  • Which is also a direct recruitment.

What are the documents needed for APPSC OTP Registration 2020?

For one to apply you require to give certain documents which will allow you to get jobs provided. Below we have a list of some documents which are compulsory:

  1. Aadhaar card which is the Aadhaar number is required also the name of the user.
  2. Give personal details
  3. Enter the name’s as indicated on the SSC certificates.
  4. Date of birth
  5. Your religion
  6. About the community
  7. Have address according to where you are located and also the permanent address.
  8. Identification
  9. Your guardian’s information
  10. Registered number
  11. Registered email address.
  12. About your education background by giving the name of the school and all details which comprise education.
  13. 10th grade information plus the intermediate 10+2 information.

Above details have to be well entered in order to have information about the candidate and where they can fit in the government jobs.

APPSC One Time Registration 2020 (OTPR) Online Application process:

  1. Visit the official website page:
  2. Click on the section of recruitment and then proceed.
  3. The page will offer details of registration and modify registration on the page.
  4. For the first timers select the new registration.
  5. This information will be filled in the OTR application form.
  6. Check if the details are correct and with this an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and the email id.
  7. The details will be verified and in short while the applicant will get a reference ID.
  8. Save the information and use the ID to login to the OTR and apply for the APPSC jobs.
  9. Now confirm whether you have been registered on the APPSC website.
  10. To follow up on this you require to use the reference ID and the code of confirmation will be sent to your mobile number.
  11. Send the details to the website and the system will give a successful message alert.

This process applies for new users who need to get the APPSC website. However, we have applicants who need to change details on their registration profile. This is easy as one requires few steps. Below we have the steps to follow.

Editing APPSC portal Login Edit OTPR Confirmation Modification details

Visit the official website:

  • Use your user id to login to the APPSC page and with this you can access the home page.
  • Select the edit tab where you can now edit details on name, mobile number or email. The same process will take place where an OTP will be sent for you to verify the details entered.

Note this changes happens for the name and mobile plus email address. documents provided should be correct and appearing as the names on the registration. Note lack of proper details will cause one to loss on many chances which re granted to the few correct details applicants.  The website is set to give notification of new happens so the number and the email should be open and correct.

Benefits of the APPSC Recruitment 2020 Official website

  • Reduces the hassle of walking around looking for jobs to no avail
  • Government can have all the unemployed numbers and details in order to plan for job production.
  • Saves time and efforts.
  • Easy to access and program which doesn’t require money to get a job.
  • Curbing unemployment in the state.
  • The process doesn’t charge any application fee.
  • The process is secure as nobody can access your documents unless having the user id.
  • Easy to upload documents.
  • Caters for all religions and classes of people.

The AP government uses the plan to ensure all people are stable and employed. It has been effective since its commencement and a lot of young people have gain from the program. The government also advocates to adding new features which will increase chances for job seekers.

Appsc one time profile Registration 2020 Modification

Follow This pdf link for Procedure to Modifying the appsc 2020 Application forms


For more information about the application or registration one can visit the official website this where details about editing and registration id are easily found. The scheme has no time limit thus assuring applicants of being there in future.

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